ExpiredYeelight YLYB01YL Intelligent 8 in 1 LED Bath Heater Pro Ceiling Light Gearbest Coupon

$239.99 $402.88
Yeelight YLYB01YL Intelligent 8 in 1 LED Bath Heater Pro Ceiling Light Gearbest Coupon
Yeelight YLYB01YL Intelligent 8 in 1 LED Bath Heater Pro Ceiling Light Gearbest Coupon
$239.99 $402.88

Update - 2019.04.17

Yeelight Smart Bath Heater

Nidec Powerful Motor from Japan / 8 in 1 Bath Heater

Hot Air When Booting Smart Appointment

  • Strong Warm Current
  • Three Gear Speed
  • Deep Ventilation
  • Quick Drying
  • Summer Cool Breeze
  • Professional Lighting
  • Intelligent Delay
  • Intelligent Control

Nidec Powerful Motor from Japan

The motor is the core of the bath heater, and the Yeelight smart bath heater uses the Japanese Nidec high-end DC motor to give the wind-heating bath heater a stronger core, which is superior in performance such as heating, ventilation, drying and safety.

  • Large Air Volume 1500 Rpm
  • High Efficiency 147mN • m High Torque
  • Really Reliable Motor Working Life 1500 Hours
  • Safe Motor 24V Low Voltage Control

Hot Air When Booting

3 minutes bathroom rapid heating 15 degree C The air volume is up to 240m3/h, high-quality ceramic heating sheet, and the bathroom is heated to 15 degree C in 3 minutes.

Strong Wind

Run away from the cold air at the bottom of the bathroom to drive the heat cycle in the bathroom

  • Comfortable Air Volume – 47 Rear Curved Blades
  • Strong Winds – 165mm Powerful Wind Wheel
  • Reduce Wind Resistance Reflow – Forward Multi-wing Centrifugal Air Duct

Adjustable Wind Speed

One file in spring and three in winter Wind speed is adjustable in three steps, no need to set manually

  • First gear gentle breeze
  • Second gear comfort hot air
  • Three gear strong hot air

Strong drying after bath, bid farewell to moisture and humidity Quickly dry’ the bathroom after bathing. The rainy season can be used to dry clothes.

Complete an air cycle in 3 minutes

According to the ventilation air volume of 240m3/h, complete an air cycle in 3 minutes, bid farewell to the bathroom odor. More Turbo storm mode, the air volume is increased to 300m3/h, instantaneous ventilation, no need to wait for a fresh bath

Cool breeze in summer

In the summer it is turned into a cool breeze for the bathroom.

Adjustable light level

Professional lighting, soft light does not hurt the eyes In the summer it is the brightness of the light is adjustable and can be adjusted according to your needs. Professional side lighting technology, soft lighting, no glare, care for the family’s eyes. Intimate night light mode, do not disturb drowsinessurned into a cool breeze for the bathroom.

Six Intelligent Functions

Six Intelligent Functions Smart family linkage, liberating hands

  1. Book a warm air and take a shower when you get home
  2. Dry bathroom after bath Dry water vapor with one button
  3. Delayed Warm Air Control bathroom temperature
  4. With MIJIA tem erature sensor Automatic ventilation and drying
  5. Timing Ventilation Automatic start at fixed time
  6. Delayed Ventilation No need to manually close

Three intelligent control methods

Mobile APP Smart experience at the touch of a button Mobile APP supports remote control, you can open the bath heater in advance before you get home.

“Remote Control” attached to the wall

The Bluetooth remote control turns into a wall switch, and the eight function buttons are at your fingertips, eliminating the trouble of installing wiring. The remote control can be removed separately.

10 Safety Protection Measures

  • Fuse Short Circuit Protection
  • Ceramic PTC Overheating Automatic Power-off
  • Motor Overcurrent Automatic Protection
  • Electronic Circuit Three Anti-paint Protection Heat and Moisture Proof
  • High Temperature Resistant Material
  • Machine IPX2 Level Waterproof Protection
  • The Key Components Fireproof Fire Rating >V2
  • Heating Timeout Automatic Stop
  • Heating Delay Time Delay Blowing Guarantee PTC Life
  • Simplify Installation Wiring Reduce the risk of damage to bath heater

Up to 136 structural parts More than 50 processes


Evenly cut out the wind to avoid the uncomfortable feeling that the wind blows directly onto the human body

Curved in-line lining

Smooth and gentle air intake

Curved fan blade

Front plate plus rear curved design Provide a large amount of air

Honeycomb structure

Provide high strength structural support Uniform and simple appearance

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  • Product Name: Yeelight YLYB01YL Bath Heater ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product ) – White
  • Coupon Price: $239.99
  • Regular Price : $402.88
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