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  • Product Name: VIOMI YM – R4001A 4L 1S Instant Heating Water Bar from Xiaomi youpin – WHITE
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Is heating

From now on, say goodbye to the waiting time for boiling water, it takes only 1 second to get the cup temperature. Just enjoy life!

Swirl heat system, instant drink

The use of a swirling heating system, a longer heating path and a smaller water load, doubles the heating efficiency. The exterior of the food-grade stainless steel heating module is completely wrapped by nanomaterial. Compared with the traditional quartz tube, the life is longer and the safety is higher. The water flow is heated instantly, avoiding waste of energy consumption.

Precise temperature control at the full temperature

The hot water temperature covers 40-100 degree C, the temperature adjustment is accurate to 1 degree C and the precise temperature control meets the temperature requirements of different beverages. Customize the warm water temperature through the APP, so you can get it with just one click.

Normal temperature – Not heated

Warm water – APP customization

Fresh water – Boiling water

Match with Xiaomi A1 speaker

Adjusting the water temperature is a matter of words.

APP intelligent control

With the Mijia APP, you can easily realize the custom adjustment of the temperature, and check the water quality and water storage time in the drinking bar at any time to protect your drinking water health. At the same time, it supports the water reminder function.

4L large water tank – Meet the water needs of the family

The detachable water tank design is adopted, more convenient to use. The water tank adopts the AS materiåbrnported from Germany to fully protect your drinking water.

Implanted water quality sensor – Water change / pipeline cleaning reminder

You can monitor the water quality at any time through the APP, and it can sense every time you change the water and record the time.

Intelligent water level induction

Special water level sensor, intel igent reminder of water shortage and automatic stop of heating. With multiple safety protections, guard your safety in all aspects.

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