Xiaomi Mi 8 Gearbest Coupon [6+64GB] [French Speaking]


46% off Xiaomi Mi 8 Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

For Xiaomi Mi 86GB RAM 64GB ROM, we offer you a 46% discount coupon code for use on With this coupon code, you can buy Xiaomi Mi 8 at a discount of up to November 30, 2018. or up to 50 times

Note: If this coupon code for Xiaomi Mi 8 seems to have expired, I would still recommend it. Some coupons are running again after the date. You can also get surprise discounts by pressing the GET DEAL button.

  • Product Name: Xiaomi Mi 8 6GB RAM 64GB ROM
  • Coupon Price: €351.60
  • Regular Price : €656.29
  • Your Save : €304.69
  • Coupon Valid for : France and valid for French Speaking Countries

Xiaomi Mi 8 Coupons and Deals

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Xiaomi Mi 8

8 anniversary of the flagship mobile phones
The world’s first dual frequency GPS I Snapdragon 845 | A1 zoom double dragon taken Infrared face recognition

Super Light Four Surface

Light round, comfortable grip

For curved glass body, super light 7 series aluminum metal box, water droplets arc waist design.

Samsung AMOLED Screen

Bright 6.21 inch full screen that appear the fuselage size of 5.5 inch traditional cell phone.

The world’s First Dual Frequency GPS Mobile Phone Ultra precision positioning

Xiaomi Mi 8 first dual—frequency GPS handset in the globe, supporting the Ll + L5 double—frequency positioning, dual frequency signal working together, in urban complex environment, effectively improves the navigation accuracy.

AI Zoom Double Perturbation

DxO super camera

1.4pm large pixels, more bright and fine quality in the evening scene.
2 pd from SLR dual—core technology focus, even can hasten to capture in the dark environment.

AI Scene Camera
Intelligent recognition 206 photo scene
Real—time optimization

Intelligent AI camera identifies 206 common photographed scene, more optimization of automatic exposure and the degree of saturation etc. When traveling abroad, as universal small assistant, help you translate the menu, provide real—time exchange rate calculation.

A1 recognition scenery

Automatically optimize color, present perfect scene

A1 recognition night scenery

Denoise and enhance the resolving capacity, the night is clear

A1 recognition portrait

Easily produce high quality backlighting, cucoloris portrait

Pre – 20.0MP

Mini—plastic surgery beauty camera, image background blur High resolving capacity of 20.0MP front camera, 1.8pm 4 in 1 large pixel technology,
can also be taken more clearly and brightly in the dark environment. New 3D facial technology and A1 single photo background blur, make the in the photostudio

“Micro plastic” skin care beauty camera

Support for fine adjustment features, real—time preview A1 deep learning facial features, conducting thousands of feature points 3d modeling.
Support for fine adjustment features and provide real—time preview, shaping their own beauty

Run a staggering 300000 Snapdragon 845, flag hip standard

Snapdragon 845 processor, renewed strong perf rman . Whether shuttling between multiple App, or a fierce dispensable tool for you.

Infrared Face Recognition

Hasten to unlock all black environment

“A Little Love Classmate” A1 Voice Assistant Handle with complex operation in a word

Multi—function NFC

Has support 167 city public transportation Support the door card analog

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