ExpiredXiaomi Kitten & Pupy Cat & Dog Pet Water Dispenser Gearbest Coupon [Israel-Arabic]

$35.99 $53.22
Xiaomi Kitten & Pupy Cat & Dog Pet Water Dispenser Gearbest Coupon [Israel-Arabic]
Xiaomi Kitten & Pupy Cat & Dog Pet Water Dispenser Gearbest Coupon [Israel-Arabic]
$35.99 $53.22

32% off Xiaomi Kitten & Pupy Cat & Dog Pet Water Dispenser Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

For Xiaomi Kitten & Pupy Cat & Dog Pet Water Dispenser, we offer you a 32% discount coupon code for use on Gearbest.com. With this coupon code, you can buy Creative Simple Pet Water Dispenser from Xiaomi Youpin at a discount of up to January 31, 2018. or up to 50 times

  • Product Name: Xiaomi Kitten & Pupy Cat & Dog Pet Water Dispenser
  • Coupon Price: $35.99
  • Regular Price : $53.22
  • Your Save : $17.23
  • Coupon Valid for : Israel and Arabic Speaking Countries

Cat & Dog Pet Water Dispenser

Take care of your pet by drinking healthy water
Flowing water system, Four filtration process, Five protection system, Mute and low consumption

Pets love flowing water

Pets are genetically programmed to love fresh, flowing water, this product using the flowing water system, let it enjoy the water.

Caring for pets’ health starts with clean flowing water

Pets need plenty of water to maintain their health. Factors such as inadequate drinking water and substandard water quality can lead to reduced urine volume, loss of appetite and decreased resistance to diseases. Reduced urine volume can also cause urinary system diseases such as urinary stones. Good and adequate water can greatly reduce the risk of disease.

Circulating water is just likes spring water

Innovative square circulation waterway, the circulation water continues to break the surface tension, greatly increase the oxygen content of water, make the water more fresh palatability.

Four filtration process

The four-fold filtration system, 24h continuous circulation filtration, will fine particles, hair, residual chlorine, heavy metal ions, and other impurities layer upon layer to block, purify and soften the water, improve the taste of drinking water, protect pet’s health.

Five protection system

  • Hydroelectric separation
  • Food grade material
  • Power shrapnel design
  • Dry burning-resistant
  • Protection voltage and current

Easy to use

The structure of water dispenser is exquisite and simple. Easy to clean, safe and labor-saving. It only takes one step to change the water, no need to turn off the power, lift up the grey part then it will automatically power off, easy to add water. After the top cover is put back in place, the water dispenser can resume its work Transparent window sink for easy observation of water level.

Thoughtful smart light remind

Red light on – Means water shortage, the pump stopped running, please add water in time

Orange light on – Indicates that the filter element has expired, replace the filter element in time to maintain the water clean

Power on – Click the power button and the red light and orange light will turn on at the same time for 2 seconds and then turn off

Replace the filter element – Long press the “on” button for 3 seconds, and the orange light flashes until it is off, indicating that the filter element has been reset successfully

Mute design

5V low voltage silent water pump, pioneering the design of suspended water pump, greatly reducing the resonance frequency. The working noise of the pump body is controlled below 40dB, just to be closer to the reality of nature.


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