ExpiredXiaomi Home Baseboard Electric Heater Gearbest Coupon

$214.19 $232.81
Xiaomi Home Baseboard Electric Heater Gearbest Coupon
Xiaomi Home Baseboard Electric Heater Gearbest Coupon
$214.19 $232.81

Update - 2019.05.06

$214.19 off Home Baseboard Electric Heater from Xiaomi youpin Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

For Home Baseboard Electric Heater from Xiaomi youpin – White, we offer you a 8% discount coupon code for use on Gearbest.com. With this coupon code, you can buy Home Baseboard Electric Heater from Xiaomi youpin – White at a discount of up to June 30, 2019. or up to 2000 times
Note: If this coupon code for Home Baseboard Electric Heater from Xiaomi youpin – White seems to have expired, I would still recommend it. Some coupons are running again after the date. You can also get surprise discounts by pressing the GET DEAL button.

  • Product Name: Home Baseboard Electric Heater from Xiaomi youpin – White
  • Coupon Price: $214.19
  • Regular Price : $232.81
  • Your Save : $18.62
  • Coupon Valid for : All users

  • Applicable to 15-20m area
  • 1.3m grid vents
  • Nichrome heating elements
  • Aluminum alloy heat sink
  • Infrared remote control operation
  • Multiple safety protection

Air heat energy curtain wall to achieve heating in the whole house

The baseboard heater is ingeniously combined with the heater and convection heating. The cold air enters from the bottom of the heater, and the hot air diffuses from the top to form an air heat curtain wall. The whole house has a heating effect.

1.3m grid vent, large area wide area heating

Using the principle of air convection, cold air enters from the bottom, and the hot air diffuses through the aluminum grille vent through the professionally designed vertical heat transfer duct. When the night falls, let the warm and quickly fill your home.

5 second heat, nickel-chromium heating element

Nickel-chromium alloy heating element with high temperature resistance of 1800 degree C, energized for 5 seconds, quickly reaches the set temperature; 1.1 m high-quality aluminum alloy heat sink, strong heat radiation, compared with the traditional heat sink, the heat dissipation efficiency is greatly improved.

Not dry and no noise
The whole family shares good sleep

Say goodbye to the dryness of the air-conditioned room, the indoor air naturally circulates, the heat spreads evenly, the air moisture is not easy to evaporate, the humidity is relatively balanced, and it is not dry and comfortable; the fan is not required to work, the mute is windless, and the whole family enjoys a good sleep.

Smart core thermostat technology
Lock comfort, energy saving

16-36 degree C temperature setting, heating to the specified temperature will start the automatic adjustment mode, built-in temperature sensor, so that the whole house is kept at a constant temperature, 1-18 hours of timing function, lock comfort, energy saving.

Multiple security protections to prevent security risks

The air inlet and outlet are covered automatically to shut down, the body is tilted more than 45 degrees to automatically shut down, the body temperature exceeds 85 degrees C automatically shut down, your security we layer by layer, to prevent all kinds of hidden dangers, let you enjoy the warmth without worries.

Remote operation, technology and thoughtful life

Two powers, different temperature and time options, no need to bend over, one-button remote control, warmth comes with you.

LED digital display

Touch control  – Comfortable temperature as you master

Thickened metal body shell
strong and sturdy

High-temperature and environmental protection

Double gear design

Two-speed adjustment

One-button child lock

Reduce misuse
Caring for baby safety


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