Top 10 Horror Movies After Watching that You Start to be afraid of Children

Seriously – this is the most terrifying horror movies in cinema history. It does not matter how enthusiastically society will prove that there is nothing sweeter and more innocent brood, I will take the children the most terrifying creatures on the planet. You do not believe me? Then take a look at the pictures of Hollywood.

There are movies that reinforce my opinion spectacular arguments. They kids are central antagonists, portrayed as insane, horrible monsters.

Cult horror full of alien invaders, psychopaths and mutants. However, the constellation of stellar monsters pales in comparison with Damien, the son of the devil, “Omen“, or Regan MacNeil in “The Exorcist.” From both characters skin is covered with a myriad of ants.

Deceptively innocent children makes a deadly weapon the forces of evil. Rebyatnya not need to hide in the bushes, hunting down their victims. Toddler can attack in broad daylight amid the bustling urban avenue. In most cases, they are not considered as a serious threat, giving them complete freedom of action. That is why the horror about the minors so frightening.

I think the introductory part of the finished, and present to your court a compilation of the 10 most scary horror movie about children that will add you gray hair, especially if you have children of their own.

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