The Best American TV Couples of All Time – Poll

We choose the best American TV Series Couple (and ship) , with your votes. Who has your favorite TV couple of all time? if your favorite TV Couple not listed in our poll, please add by using Upload Button

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Poll: Best TV Couples of American TV Series 2016

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Clarke & Lexa
The 100
Vote count:  46781
Queer as Folk
Vote count:  39391
Alec & Magnus
Vote count:  23081
Stiles & Derek
Teen Wolf
Vote count:  13844
Lauren & Bo
Lost Girl
Vote count:  13203
Stiles & Lydia
Teen Wolf
Vote count:  12834
Abbie & Ichabod
Sleepy Hollow
Vote count:  11790
Dean & Castiel
Vote count:  11450
Sam & Dean Winchester
Sam & Dean Winchester
Vote count:  8429
Vincent & Catherine
Beuaty And Beast
Vote count:  8175
Clark & Lana
Vote count:  7165
Claire & Jamie
Vote count:  6708
Regina and Robin
Once Upon A Time
Vote count:  6439
Oliver & Felicity
Vote count:  6235
Stefan & Elena
The Vampire Diaries
Vote count:  5764
Jason and Sam
General Hospital
Vote count:  5383
Jack & Elizabeth
When Calls the Heart
Vote count:  4554
Clarke & Bellamy
The 100
Vote count:  3719
Klaus & Caroline
The Originals
Vote count:  2179
Root & Shaw
Person of Interest
Vote count:  2112
  1. When will it end?

  2. Why it says I already voted? I thoguht you can vote once a day 🙁

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