Poll: Best TV Couples of American TV Series 2016 – Ended

What is your favorite best American TV Series Couples of 2016? Please choose and vote. If the Couple you want to give your vote does not take place in our list, Add your favorite American TV Series Couple to our poll by using Upload Button

Contest End Date: 25 January 2017

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Clarke and Lexa from “The 100” are Best TV Couples of American TV Series for 2016. 

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Top 100 Best TV Couples of American TV Series 2016


Photo nameDescriptionVotes count
1Clarke & LexaThe 10088864
2Bellamy and ClarkeThe 10069262
3Sam & DeanSupernatural26789
4Stiles and LydiaTeen Wolf25715
5Jason and SamGeneral Hospital21366
6Emma & ReginaOne Upon a Time20278
7Jack & ElizabethWhen Calls the Heart15003
8Damon & ElenaThe Vampire Diaries8907
9Nick & AdalindGrimn7385
10Bellamy and RavenThe 1006213
11Hook & EmmaOnce Upon a Time5968
12Alec & MagnusShadowhunters5790
13Stefan & ElenaThe Vampire Diaries5407
14Oliver & FelicityArrow4522
15Abbie & IchabodSleepy Hollow4219
16Klaus and CarolineThe Originals3728
17Barry & IrisThe Flash3440
18Waverly & NicoleWynonna Earp3164
19Claire & JamieOutlander2975
20Dean & CastielSupernatural2684
21Caitlin & BarryThe Flash2278
22Jackson & AprilGrey’s Anatomy2264
23Oliver and ShaneSigned, Sealed, Delivered1966
24Vincent & CatherineBeuaty And Beast1961
25Root & ShawPerson of Interest1931
26Kurt & BlaineGlee1693
27Chuck and BlairGossip Girl1575
28Bonnie & DamonThe Vampire Diaries1304
29Klaus & CamilleThe Originals1082
30Mary & FrancisReign988
31Stiles & DerekTeen Wolf724
32Callie & ArizonaGrey’s Anatomy705
33Jane & MauraRizzoli & Isles530
34Emily and AlisonPretty Little Liars512
35Snow and CharmingOnce Upon A Time480
36Stiles & MaliaTeen Wolf426
37Belle & RumpleOnce Upon a Time353
38Castle & BeckettCastle318
39Fitz & SimmonsAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D.309
40Regina & RobinOnce Upon A Time303
41Rick & MichonneThe Walking Dead291
42Booth & BrennanBones274
43Lucifer and ChloeLucifer264
44Madalena & GarethGalavant249
45Philip & LukasEyewitness219
46Alex & PiperOrange is The New Black188
47Cosima & DelphineOrphan Black149
48Meredith & DerekGrey’s Anatomy149
49Deeks and KensiNCIS: LA142
50Scott and AllisonTeen Wolf133
51Galavant & Princess IsebellaGalavant122
52Hayley and ElijahThe Originals98
53Daryl & CarolThe Walking Dead96
54Spencer & TobyPretty Liar Liars96
55Lauren & BoLost Girl74
56Ezra & AriaPretty Little Liars68
57Kol & DavinaThe Originals66
58Caleb & HannaPretty Little Liars63
59Stefan & CarolineThe Vapire Diaries61
60GallavichIan mickey shameless60
61Harvey & DonnaSuits59
62Coulson & MayAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D.52
63Liv & MajoriZombie51
64Jane & MichaelJane The Virgin50
65Scott & KiraTeen Wolf46
66Garrett and AmyDead of Summer44
67Alex & RyanQuantico40
68Spencer & CalebPretty Little Liars39
69Rayna and DeaconNashville37
70Sara & SnartLegends of Tomorrow36
71Maggie & GlennThe Walking Dead33
72Brandon and CallieThe Fosters31
73Sonny & CarlyGeneral Hospital30
74Cameron and KirstenStitchers29
75Clary & JaceShadowhunters28
76Mulder & ScullyThe X-Files26
77Bonnie and KaiThe Vampie Diaries25
78Connor & OliverHow to Get Away With Murder25
79Margaery & SansaGame of Thrones24
80Daenerys & DaarioGame of Thrones18
81Hayden and LiamTeen Wolf17
82Mike and ElevenStranger Things17
83Lexie and MarkGrey’s Anatomy17
84PhilkasThis is Philip and Lukas from #Eyewitness16
85Bonnie & EnzoThe Vampire Diaries15
86Emily and HannaPretty Little Liars15
87Jude & ConnorThe Fosters12
88Jordan & LydiaTeen Wolf12
89Lucas And MayaGirls Meet World11
90Penny & LeonardThe Big Bang Theory11
91Sheldon & AmyThe Big Bang Theory10
92Halstead & LindsayChicago P.D.10
93Mary & BashReign8
94Jake and KatieDegrassi7
95Lito & HernandoSense87
96Finn and Rachel6
97Fitz & OliviaScandal6
98Jake & AmyBrooklyn Nine-Nine6
99Riley and MayaGirls Meet World6
100Nick & Trubel5
101Gordon & LeslieGotham5
102Malia & TheoTeen Wolf5
103Ben & LeslieParks and Recreation5
104Casey and DawsonChicago Fire5
105Philip and LukasPhilip and Lukas from Eyewitness5
106Stefan & ValerieThe Vampire Diaries4
107King Richard & RobertaGalavant4
108J.T. and TessBeauty and the Beast3
109Jessica & LukeJessica Jones3
110Katherine and ElenaThe Vampire Diaries3
111Jane & RafaelJane The Virgin3
112Miles & Tristan3
113Mindy & DannyThe Mindy Project3
114Jesse and CassidyPrearcher2
115Barry & PattyThe Flash2
116Liv & DrakeiZombie2
117Juliette and NickGrimn2
118Ben Warren and Miranda BaileyGrey’s Anatomy1
119Avery & JulietteNashville1
120Cookie & LuciousEmpire1
121Scott and StilesScott and Stiles1
122Rayna & DeaconNashville’s hottest couple0
123Monty and HarperThe 1000
  1. That picture you posted of Snow and Charming is not them. That is another couple. Please change it!

  2. if only ppl would understand that the term ‘tv couple’ means it has to be canon… SWAN QUEEN IS NOT CANON. CAPTAIN SWAN IS.

  3. What kind of couple are Damon and Bonnie? 😂😂😂This pool is rediculous! If you say ‘a couple’ they must be a couple and not just a ship some people would like! And one more thing, you put a year 2016. Shouldn’t that couple be in searies from that/this year? So even dough I loved Stelena

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