Most Handsome American TV Series Actors of 2017

Who is Most Handsome American TV Series Actors of 2017. Choice your favorite TV Series Actor and vote. If the American TV Series Actor you want to give your vote does not take place in our list, add by using Upload Button.

Contest End Day: 01 February 2018 / Note:  Only one vote is allowed for each Device (Mobile Phone, Computer, Tablet) per 24 hours

<<<Harry Shum Jr. is Most Handsome American TV Series Actor of 2016.>>> 2016 Poll Results here

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Jason Momoa
Vote count:  165
Robin Lord Taylor
Gotham as Oswald Cobblepot
Vote count:  163
Daniel Gillies
The Originals As Elijah Mikaelson
Vote count:  143
David Tennant
Broadchurch as Alec Hardy
Vote count:  125
Shane West
Salem as John Alden
Vote count:  123
Harry Shum Jr.
Shadowhunters as Magnus Bane
Vote count:  106
Andrew Lincoln
The Walking Dead as Rick Grimes
Vote count:  96
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Walking Dead
Vote count:  86
Miguel Ángel Silvestre
Miguel Ángel Silvestre
Vote count:  83
Toby Regbo
The Last Kingdom As Aethelred
Vote count:  69
Evan peters
American Horror Story as Jimmy Darling / Kyle Spencer / Kit Walker
Vote count:  61
Rami Malek
Mr. Robot As Elliot Alderson
Vote count:  55
Timothy Olyphant
Santa Clarita Diet as Joel Hammond
Vote count:  53
Grant Gustin
The Flash As Barry Allen
Vote count:  42
Brian J Smith
Brian J Smith - Sense8
Vote count:  29
Cole Sprouse
Riverdale as Jughead Jones
Vote count:  26
Dominic Sherwood
Shadowhunters as Jace Wayland
Vote count:  23
Ian Harding
Pretty Little Liars As Ezra Fitz
Vote count:  23
Chris O'Donnell
NCIS Los Angeles
Vote count:  21
Jesse Spencer
Chicago Fire As Matthew Casey
Vote count:  21
  1. Some of these guys look like teens. Interesting variety. The grubby look is popular this year–and stringy hair. Why is Nathan in the group? Castle ended last year, didn’t it? And is Dr. Who (Tennant) American? Never noticed the size of Olsen’s nostrils. Is that a beard on David or stubble? I realize I don’t watch much TV.

  2. There are more than one actors listed here who are not American. One or two are British, at least one is Scotish and another is Irish. Are all of them even a series regular? As much as I love Teen Wolf they are just about to air their last episode, if they haven’t already. So that disqualifies three candidates right there.

    I think it’s time to do a bit of culling of this list with the stated parameters in mind.

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