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Most Handsome American Singers – 2017 Poll

Who is Most Handsome American Singer of 2017. Choice your favorite American Male Singer and vote. If the American Singer you want to give your vote does not take place in our list, add by using Upload Photo to the contest Button or please comment I will add your American Singer to our poll.

Contest End Date: 11 January 2018

Adam Lambert Winner of Most Handsome American Singer of 2016 poll

Note: Only one vote is allowed for each Devices (Mobile Phone, Computer, Tablet) per social account per 24 hours
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  1. Why are the 1D guys on this list? They aren’t American. Unless we are considering ALL men that have a US residence. Cause they are NOT US born. Neither is Shawn Mendes or Keith Urban.

  2. On behalf of the David Cook Fandom, who have dedicated their time since March 2017 voting for David Cook… we request Matt Goss be removed from this AMERICAN Poll and be put on the BRITISH POLL where he was born and raised! This is NOT condusive with YOUR RULES! PLease reply ! … if he stays we will withdraw!! THIS is Cheating!

  3. Matt Goss is not an AMERICAN SINGER and does not belong in this poll… read his bio… born & raised in LONDON ENGLAND! Please move him to the BRITISH POLL! Ive asked for a reply as this is unprofessional and seems underhanded!

  4. Yeah nic we achieved our goal to get rid of Matt Goss though we were gonna loose to him. No stopping us now just done another 177 votes this morning will do another 200 later well done babe

  5. OMG Nicola Carole well done for getting Matt Goss of this poll even though he is American citizen I did see him play in Vegas where he resided for 7 years but really did think we were gonna loose to Matt Goss . But you we now head and Lambert fans are tossers gonna be voting all night. Great comment Lisa Kelly . Cook to win

  6. If you can only vote once in24 hrs per device or account why does this site not take notice of Lisa saying in these comments she has just voted 177 times and will vote 200 more in the morning???? How in The name of fairness did they get you to remove Matt Goss. He has every right to be in the poll ,more dishonesty from David Cook’s fans. Too bad they are giving a good guy a really bad name with their cheating and pettiness. Please STOP these self confessed cheaters.

  7. This poll has no credibility. The site continued to allow cheating even when they could read for themselves the cheaters admitting to it in the comments, even though it was obvious from the sudden spike in voting. Will never vote here again.

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