ExpiredLenovo S5 Gearbest Coupon [4+64GB]

$159.99 $228.99
Depozit PAY
Lenovo S5 Gearbest Coupon [4+64GB]
Lenovo S5 Gearbest Coupon [4+64GB]
$159.99 $228.99

30% off Lenovo S5 4G Phablet Global Version Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

For Lenovo S5 4G Phablet Global Version, we offer you a 30% discount coupon code for use on Gearbest.com. With this coupon code, you can buy Lenovo S5 4G Phablet Global Version at a discount of up to November 21, 2018. or up to No limit times

  • Product Name: Lenovo S5 4G Phablet Global Version
  • Coupon Price: $159.99
  • Regular Price : $228.99
  • Your Save : $69.00
  • Coupon Valid for : All users

Metal shell, seamless connection

Made of a whole piece aviation grade sheet, adopting 7 CNC process and nano molding, polishing, sand blasting, diamond cutting, anodizing, Lenovo
S5 is pretty with smooth feeling. Your good choice.

Perfect hand feeling

Front 2.5D glass panel on the streamlined body, fine and smooth hand feeling. Back double curved surface design, 3mm to 7.8mm exquisite progress, fit for hands.

Back AI double cameras design, beautiful pictures

With 13 million black and white + 13 million colorful cameras, it can intelligently identify and take pretty pictures. Press the shutter release gently, leave a wonderful moment.

8 grades depth of field, better pictures

What you want are in the pictures. With two cameras recording picture information and depth of field, you just need to press and get natural pictures with bokeh effect.

16 million front camera, clear natural beauty

Adopting 16 million front camera, you can choose filter with Lenovo S5 according to the situation and your feeling. See a pretty you through the camera.

Full screen, good hand feeling

Featuring 5.7 inch 18:9 FHD full screen with wide view, you can operate with one hand.

Larger screen, wider view

UHD full screen, a larger screen can provide you with a wider view. Compared with the traditional 16:9 screen, you can see more information on it.

AI face recognition, new experience

Adopting advanced face recognition technology, Lenovo S5 can quickly identify the characteristics of your face and unlock the screen when the screen is light on. Support double clicks to light the screen.

U-Touch gesture touch operation experience

Built-in U-Touch, replace virtual keyboard with gesture operation, give you better full screen operating experience.

Low power consumption, high performance

Adopting Octa Snapdragon ?625 CPU, it has good performance, you can play large 3D games on it and enjoy smooth gaming experience.

Fingerprint scanner, convenient to use

With advanced fingerprint scanner technology and automatic study of fingerprint matching algorithm, you can quickly unlock your cellphone
with the fingerprint. Recognition rate is up to 99.7%, Maximum corresponding speed is up to 0.09 seconds.

Long battery life

3000mAh battery, one fully charge, easy to use for one day. You can use it to play computer games, watch TV, read, make video call, etc. Don’t worry about no power.


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