ExpiredLenovo K5 Play Gearbest Coupon [3+32GB] [GOLD]

$99.99 $131.51
Lenovo K5 Play Gearbest Coupon [3+32GB] [GOLD]
Lenovo K5 Play Gearbest Coupon [3+32GB] [GOLD]
$99.99 $131.51

24% off Lenovo K5 Play Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

For Lenovo K5 Play 4G Phablet Global Version – GOLD, we offer you a 24% discount coupon code for use on Gearbest.com. With this coupon code, you can buy Lenovo K5 Play 4G Phablet Global Version – GOLD at a discount of up to January 15, 2018. or up to 100 times

  • Product Name: Lenovo K5 Play 4G Phablet Global Version – GOLD
  • Coupon Price: $99.99
  • Regular Price : $131.51
  • Your Save : $31.52
  • Coupon Valid for : All users

Four-curved Fuselage Texture Appearance

Lenovo K5 play adopts quadric surface design in the back, combining aesthetic structure and the human body to make you hold your smartphone more smoothly. Aurorae dazzle color texture and exquisite craft can make your present different beauty in various light.

Dual Shot Let your taking photos become a enjoyment

13.0MP + 2.0MP rear camera supports panoramic photography, gesture photography and night view enhancement, etc. Mode and function, taking excellent photos immediately.

Face Unlock

Lenovo K5 play supports face unlock, intelligence captures and detects facial features after the screen is on, intelligent high precision matching, double-click on the function of bright screen, enjoying the perfect experience of unlock.

Fingerprint Unlock Touch open

Lenovo K5 play, new fingerprint recognition with built—in separate chip, supporting HD fingerprint image matching technology, the more you
use, the faster the unlock speed is, recognition rate as high as 99.7%, the maximum response speed reaches 0.09 seconds, supporting pay by Alipay,
WeChat Pay, the password is not leaky to give you a safe and quick payment environment.

Front Beauty Mode

Beauty becomes more beautiful Front 8.0MP camera, 100 levels facial beautification, always light up your beauty

New U-Touch Gesture Operation

Lenovo K5 play introduces new U—Touch function, replaces virtual key, brings you full display experience

New ZUI 3.7 Smart Clear

Multistage progressive self-starting interception Intelligent garbage disposal

Enjoy Playing at Will

Lenovo K5 play chooses 3000mAh big battery, powerful cruising ability, with smart power-saving ZUI, making cruising ability longer.

Enjoy Working and Life

Intelligent application cloned, supporting 4 account number opening at the same application, switching accounts does not affect each other, supports mainstream tripartite applications, multiple accounts are logged in at the same time, not missing receiving information.

Intelligent U Health

Health monitoring including movement steps, state of motion, consume calories, heart rate monitoring, focus on your health in real time.

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