ExpiredLenovo K320t Gearbest Coupon [2+16GB]

$86.99 $123.99
Depozit PAY
Lenovo K320t Gearbest Coupon [2+16GB]
Lenovo K320t Gearbest Coupon [2+16GB]
$86.99 $123.99

30% off Lenovo K320t Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

For Lenovo K320t 4G Phablet Global Version, we offer you a 30% discount coupon code for use on Gearbest.com. With this coupon code, you can buy Lenovo K320t at a discount of up to November 21, 2018. or up to No limit times

  • Product Name: Lenovo K320t 4G Phablet Global Version 2GB RAM 16GB ROM
  • Coupon Price: $86.99
  • Regular Price : $123.99
  • Your Save : $37.00
  • Coupon Valid for : All users

Full HD Screen

2.5D front glass panel, up to 81.4% of the screen ratio, enjoy the double shock of vision and value.

Illuminate Life

The Lenovo K320t uses an 8 megapixel main camera before and after, and incorporates a variety of camera modes. It also supports the features
of smiley face capture and face-age photography. Beautiful life needs to be photographed and record.

Practical Rear Double Camera

The 8 megapixel main camera and the 2 megapixel sub-camera are cleverly matched to support practical functions such as panoramic photography
and time-lapse photography. Tum on the camera and easily capture every unforgettable moment.

Fingerprint Unlock

With a omnibearing rear fingerprint button, 360-degree responds quickly and unlocks the phone with only O. IS. At the same time, it also supports
Alipay and WeChat fingerprint payment.

Double Standby

3000mAh capacity strong battery life with white plus black smart power saving. The system automatically judges the user’s attention to the information and the frequency of using the mobile phone. The daytime attention is high, and the wake-up in time ensures the first time browsing, and the smart power saving; the low attention at night, try not to wake up the mobile phone and carry out deep power saving. Double standby protection, refusing to worry about frequent charging.

Card Type Smart Scene Notification

3D Widget card-type information window, in addition to weather conditions, travel tips, mobile phone traffic and other basic status reminders, switch the back of the card, you can also quickly choose driving mode, no disturbing mode and children mode. 3D Widget

SMS to Smart Graphics

Intelligently identify and organize SMS content. The user can see at a glance.

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