ExpiredKarcher K2 FM Cordless Wireless Pressure Washer from Xiaomi youpin Gearbest Coupon [Israel-Arabic Speaking]

$387.99 $397.14
Karcher K2 FM Cordless Wireless Pressure Washer from Xiaomi youpin Gearbest Coupon [Israel-Arabic Speaking]
Karcher K2 FM Cordless Wireless Pressure Washer from Xiaomi youpin Gearbest Coupon [Israel-Arabic Speaking]
$387.99 $397.14

2% off Karcher K2 FM Cordless Wireless Pressure Washer from Xiaomi youpin  Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

For Karcher K2 FM Cordless Wireless Pressure Washer from Xiaomi youpin – YELLOW, we offer you a 2% discount coupon code for use on Gearbest.com. With this coupon code, you can buy Karcher K2 Follow Me Cordless Wireless Pressure Washer from Xiaomi ypupin – YELLOW at a discount of up to November 30, 2018. or up to 100 times

  • Product Name: Karcher K2 FM Cordless Wireless Pressure Washer from Xiaomi youpin – YELLOW
  • Coupon Price: $387.99
  • Regular Price : $397.14
  • Your Save : $9.15
  • Coupon Valid for : Israel and Arabic Speaking Countries

Wireless High Pressure Cleaner

Water and electricity, Small and smart, High pressure clean, Multi—purpose machine

Small and powerful – Cleanliness comparable to professional car wash

The patented high—pressure spray gun + fan—shaped nozzle forms a fan—shaped jet of water of about 30 degree which equalizes the pressure at each point where the fan—shaped water flows in contact with the vehicle body, improving the cleaning area and cleaning efficiency. The pressure of the spray gun is up to 60bar (O kg), which can produce 250L/h water flow, no damage to the paint, and the cleanliness of  the car wash is comparable to that of a professional car wash.

Comes with 16L water storage tank No need to wait for one second of water

Use Kah K2 FM Cordless for daily simple washing, 1 box of 16L water; regular fine cleaning, 2 boxes of 32L water can be washed. The water tank is located at the top of the machine, and the water flow straight through the water pump is cleverly used. It is not necessary to self—prime
and exhaust the water for 1 second without waiting.

2000 mAh imported lithium battery The longest battery life is up to 40 minutes

The high—quality imported lithium battery of 36V—2000mAh is selected, the reasonable core structure is arranged, the VO grade flame retardant PACK material and the battery pack waterproof design make the battery pack more stable and safe in the operation process. Charging takes only 3—4 hours, and the battery life is up to 40 minutes. It can clean 2 cars with one charge.

BMS intelligent battery management system 8 security protections

As the brain that manages the battery core, BMS intelligent battery management system not only guarantees accurate calculation of battery power and charge and discharge, but also provides 8 protections such as voltage and temperature to ensure safe and efficient cleaning of the machine.

4-step scientific car wash Save time, water and effort

During the car wash process, switch the different fields according to the car wash step, and wash the car easily and efficiently.

Germany imported “three—piston plastic steel pump”

It adopts the fifth—generation patent ‘three—piston pump” independently developed and produced by Germany. It is made of aviation-grade plastic steel, which is light and strong, wear—resistant and weighs only 1188. Compared with the traditional metal pump, the inner wall of the linear water flow channel of the plastic steel pump is smoother and smootner, and the pressure and flow loss are reduced as much as possible, so as to provide a steady and stable high—voltage power for the machine.

High quality composite high pressure water pipe Can withstand up to 480 kg burst pressure

Three—layer composite material high—pressure water pipe, flexible and durable, with copper alloy joints, high hardness and corrosion resistance. The rated working pressure of the water pipe is 120bar, and the actual maximum bursting pressure is 480bar.

Multiple home wash function

Whether it’S a muddy b0dy, a dusty flower, or a dad’s beloved gardening tool, there are places in the courtyard where you can see where you can show your talents.

IPX5 waterproof

Waterproof and leakage prevention

Machine storage

Accessories are not easy to lose

Portable hand strap

Go up and down the stairs, easily with one hand

Gun locking device

Prevent accidental injury to the human body or pets

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