ExpiredINMOTION P1F Mini Folding Electric Bike Gearbest Coupon

$599 $798.23
INMOTION P1F Mini Folding Electric Bike Gearbest Coupon
INMOTION P1F Mini Folding Electric Bike Gearbest Coupon
$599 $798.23

Update - 2019.01.05

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  • Product Name: INMOTION P1F Mini Folding Electric Bike – BLACK
  • Coupon Price: $599
  • Regular Price : $798.23
  • Your Save : $199.23
  • Coupon Valid for : All users


A mini e-bicycle allowing you to freely ride on urban roads
Not only facilitate travel but also demonstrate an attitude of youth

14 kg lightweight e-bicycle

PIF adopts aluminum alloy rack. Bicycle weight is limited to 14kg to allow you to carry it using single hand at ease. The 90cm mini size enables you to carry into metro or elevators. A common car can accommodate two such bicycles in the trunk.

A mini bicycle that can be ridden by beginners

PIF mini e-bicycle applies to different groups of users. The bicycle supports one-button start , so even beginners can quickly grasp the method of riding the bicycle. PIF throttle speed is implemented by reversing the motorcycle handle. The convenient control makes experience more fluid.

Foldable design

PIF uses creative and efficient foldable design which makes the bicycle convenient, stable, and elegant and resolves the storage problem with ease.

Improved comfortable seat

By large quantity of data collection and survey and after scientific calculation, we determine the height of the PIF seat finally. The seat shape improved according to ergonomics enables riders more comfortable and cozy.

Front and rear disc brakes ensure riding safety

We have been trying to find a balance between fun and safety. Only PIF uses dual disc brakes of mountain bike level. which are sensitive improve
the brake performance comprehensively, and shorten brake distance, reassuring you of riding safety.

Highly-sensitive disc brake

We also much concerned about e-bicycle safety. PIF uses dual disc brakes of mountain bike level, which are sensitive, improve the brake the performance comprehensively, and shorten the distance, reassuring you of riding safety.

A banquet with sound and light

We focus on building PIF lighting system to escort for night riding. Dual lights double the brightness, and are embedded with high-decibel speakers to implement all-in-one design. The warning taillight is highlighted when braking.

Warning taillight

A highlight red LED light in the tail of the bicycle accompanies you in night riding. Press the brake to flash the taillight and remind following drivers and pedestrians.

Robust power enables you to ride with ease

The 10-inch brushless hub motor of PIF improves bicycle performance. With the power output improved, 120 slope can be managed easily.

LG dynamic batteries allow you to go courageously

The LG high-power, high-safety Li-ion battery supplies continuous and high power with large magnification. Battery life can reach 35km with one full charge. The suspension battery compartment design is up-to-date and brings cutting-edge visual experience.

Practical APP

PIF supports INMOTION APP. With the APP, you can understand bicycle detection result,e-lock, and real-time driving path. Besides, you can participate in riders’ own activities, including online friends, topic discussion, and offline rider association.


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