ExpiredID115 Plus 0.96 inch Smart Bracelet Gearbest Coupon [Brazil-Portugal]

$6.99 $9.68
ID115 Plus 0.96 inch Smart Bracelet Gearbest Coupon [Brazil-Portugal]
ID115 Plus 0.96 inch Smart Bracelet Gearbest Coupon [Brazil-Portugal]
$6.99 $9.68

Update - 2019.01.22

28% off ID115 Plus 0.96 inch Smart Bracelet Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

For ID115 Plus 0.96 inch Smart Bracelet, we offer you a 28% discount coupon code for use on Gearbest.com. With this coupon code, you can buy ID115 Plus 0.96 inch Smart Bracelet at a discount of up to February 28, 2019. or up to 100 times

  • Product Name: ID115 Plus 0.96 inch Smart Bracelet
  • Coupon Price: $6.99
  • Regular Price : $9.68
  • Your Save : $2.69
  • Coupon Valid for : Brazil and Portugal

Easy to charge at any time

Long-lasting battery life, IJSB charging design, unplug the wristband, It can be charged directly on any computer and USB charger. No adapter and charging cable required


No need to use a mobile phone to intelligently calculate walking steps, distances and calories Make the daily step data more accurate,
say go and walk, and follow your steps.

IP 67 Waterproof

With IP67 waterproof performance, no fear of washing hands, rain, and water environment. You can rest assured to take it to do anything that breaks the shackles. Waterproof, dustproof, rainproof, anti-sweat, wash hands will not affect the normal use of the watch.

Focus on health, start from the heart Chip sensor

Built-in chip sensor, low power consumption, high precision, heart rate, blood pressure during exercise Tips for testing allow you to plan your exercise time and exercise level according to your data.

Heart rate monitoring, scientific movement

Head rate changes can be read by the built-in motion and heart rate sensors, Tips for monitoring the heart rate during exercise, Allows you to plan your exercise time and exercise according to your heart rate.

Blood pressure monitoring

Blood pressure changes can be read by the built-in motion sensor Always pay attention to the health index, Blood pressure measurement allows you to pay attention to your body’s blood pressure status at any time.

Smart reminder

Never miss an important call Wrist vibration perception, Even if the phone is in a bag or in silent mode, never miss an important call.

Information reminder display

By identifying mobile phone tags in SMS, QQ, WeChat and other information, Be intimate with relevant information on the bracelet and enjoy high efficiency and slow life.

Smartphone Assistant

  • Remote control camera
  • Shake your wrist and take a picture.
  • No need to press the phone to take pictures.

Find your phone

The mobile phone doesn’t know where to lose it, and it operates through the bracelet. You can make the phone ring to make it easier to find the phone.

Find bracelet

You can also find the bracelet by mobile phone, click 100k for a bracelet instruction in the APP and the bracelet will vibrate.

Sleep monitoring

A good day is over; and it’s time to rest. Wear it at night to monitor sleep data and analyze sleep quality.

Sedentary reminder

When you are sedentary, e ring calls you to get up and move. Go outdoors to breathe fresh air, work and rest, and be physically and mentally fit.

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