ExpiredDeerma DX800S Multipurpose Upright Back Carrying Vacuum Cleaner Gearbest Coupon [Israel-Arabic]

$109.99 $144.82
Deerma DX800S Multipurpose Upright Back Carrying Vacuum Cleaner Gearbest Coupon [Israel-Arabic]
Deerma DX800S Multipurpose Upright Back Carrying Vacuum Cleaner Gearbest Coupon [Israel-Arabic]
$109.99 $144.82

24% off Deerma DX800S Multipurpose Upright Back Carrying Vacuum Cleaner Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

For Deerma DX800S Multipurpose Upright Back Carrying Vacuum Cleaner, we offer you a 24% discount coupon code for use on Gearbest.com. With this coupon code, you can buy Deerma DX800S Multipurpose Upright Back Carrying Vacuum Cleaner at a discount of up to Jan 31, 2019. or up to 100 times

  • Product Name: Deerma DX800S Multipurpose Upright Back Carrying Vacuum Cleaner – WHITE
  • Coupon Price: $109.99
  • Regular Price : $144.82
  • Your Save : $34.83
  • Coupon Valid for : Israel, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Sudan, Hong Kong, Oman and You should check the availability of this coupon code for Algeria, Morocco, Oman, Senegal, Tunisia.

Deerma Multipurpose Back Carrying Vacuum Cleaner

  • Lightweight back carrying vacuuming
  • Double circulation system
  • Multi-energy brush head
  • Side spin net filter

Lightweight carrying, no fear of lifting or climbing high

The height is the dustiest area, and we are often neglected to clean, causing indoor pollution. Now you can carry the deerma vacuum cleaner, climb up and down easily, lift it up and down, and just take the brush head with your hands. You don’t need to carry the weight of the main unit, and you can remove the dust from the high place and avoid the dust from rising and polluting the air.

48cm2 ring suction brush, clean and fast

The adsorption port adopts a ring design, and the adsorption area can be increased to 48cm2. The dust and the scraps of paper are quickly inhaled, and the cleaning work is completed efficiently.

270 degree rotating push rod reaches the corner blind zone

4cm slim brush extends into the bottom of the furniture

14000Pa side whirlwind Straight to the ground, long-lasting deep vacuum.

The new independent air duct allows the suction to reach the ground directly, 38,500rpm, 14,000Pa wind pressure grip, and the large particles,
dust and hair in the suction area are deeply removed. Side whirlwind that turns in the wind tunnel is formed to effectively settle large debris,
dust, hair, and the like. Does not block the filter element, does not affect the suction.

Pulling dust off

The filter element can be used to bounce off the dust with a single pull, effectively not dirty.

  • Upright dust cup, no need to bend over
  • Washable filter element for recycling

Quadruple ladder filter

A 4-fold filtration system was designed in the dust cup. The dust-proof cyclone and the pinhole steel mesh quickly separate large debris from impurities and prevent backflow. HIO grade HEPA filter is carefully filtered, and 0.03mm of dust is not allowed. The dense filter cotton is dust-proof and noise-reducing, and clean air is discharged.

2-in-1 electrostatic brush

Wide suction design with electrostatic strips for easy inhalation of fine dust and fine hair. It is suitable for the cleaning of mites dust on cloth
beds, sofas, interior cushions, blankets, cups and other fabric homes.

2cm long soft brush

The long suction mouth is covered with long soft hair, suitable for cleaning the surface of furniture that is afraid of scratching materials,
such as solid wood tabletops, light window screens, leather sofas, car leather seats and so on. Gently brush the dust on the surface with soft
hair and quickly absorb it while protecting the home from damage.

2-in-1 slot tip for cleaning gaps and grooves

Flat design, one-second push to switch to the brush state. Long flat suction is suitable for cleaning narrow corners such as window sills
and ceiling corners. The brush is suitable for cleaning complex home surfaces such as keyboards and interior trims. When vacuuming, brush
and suck to protect the vacuum surface.


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