Secura Duxtop 8100MC Error Code E2

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voteformost Staff asked 3 years ago

What is the meaning and solution of Secura Duxtop 8100MC Error Code E2?

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voteformost Staff answered 3 years ago

Secura Duxtop 8100MC Error Code E2

Problem : Cooking surface temperature exceeds 460°F (238°C) limit, and unit shuts down automatically.

Solution : This is safety future to prevent the cooking surface from overheating. It usually happens during POWER MODE. Your cookware bottom is above 460°F (238°C). It could even damage your cookware at extremly high temperature. If E2 error code happens during frying or other process that involves high temperature, you should switch to TEMP MODE. If E2 happens during water boiling, please follow the directions below: Unplug Cord from the electrical outlet, Wait 10 minutes for cooktop and cookware to cool down and reconnect cord to the electrical outlet. Turn unit back on and listen for the fan to run. Ensure unit is at least 4" away from any obstruction.

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