Best TV Couples of American TV Series 2017 Poll

What is your favorite best American TV Series Couples of 2017? Please choose and vote. If the Couple you want to give your vote does not take place in our list, Add your favorite American TV Series Couple to our poll by using Upload Button Contest End Date : 28  February 2018 / Note: Only one vote is allowed for each Devices (Mobile Phone, Computer, Tablet) per 24 hours

Best TV Couple of American TV Series of 2016 Poll winner is Clexa (Clarke and Lexa). Click here to Poll Results.

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Sonny & Carly
General Hospital
Vote count:  6
Liam and Theo
Vote count:  6
Dean and Jo
Vote count:  6
James ve Leslie
Vote count:  5
Meredith and Cristina
Grey's Anatomy's
Vote count:  3
Jack and Rebecca
This is us
Vote count:  3
Vote count:  1
  1. Please add Maggie & Alex from Supergirl

  2. Why are Bellamy and Clarke here if they are not cannon? or they don´t have to be cannon? Because in that case I would like to see Kara and Lena here, just saying…

  3. add kane and abby, bryan and miller from the 100 pls

  4. why are emma and regina there? It says TV couple doesnt it. They are not a couple, they are a fanon crack ship.

  5. Fitz and Liv from Scandal are missing!

  6. Please add, Clarke and Lexa, from The 100! Last year winners!

  7. Please add Clarke & Lexa (Clexa)! They deserve to be in this poll as much as any other couple who is dead, alive or non existing!

  8. Emma and Regina are NOT a couple or ever been one!!!! its a crackship

  9. you should add bellamy & raven

  10. Please add Clexa!! They won last year !!! And if Bellarke (which relaionship isn’t even cannon) is in it then why not Clexa!!!

    The Clexa fandom still ships it so why????

  11. How about Waverley Earp and Nicola Haught from Wynona Earp or Niska and Astrid from Humans?

  12. Reply
    Swanqueen Forever
    July 18, 2017 at 2:47 am


  13. Clarke and Lexa

  14. To Len-Swan: “Emma and Regina aren’t a couple….this ship isn’t even real…”.

    Ha ha, yeah, very funny, mf’er! Your mother gotta wooden leg with a kickstand, bitch!

  15. all Sense8 couples!

  16. Klaroline duh

  17. Please waverly and nicole from wynonna earp

  18. You are a hypocrite Voteformost. You said you cant add Clexa because Lexa died, but so did Lincoln and he died as well in 2016. And Bellarke is not a couple, remove them from the poll.

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