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Criminal minds korean version: LeeJoonGi, MoonChaeWon, SonHyunJoo, LeeSunBin
Vote count:  104443
Suspicious Partner
수상한 파트너
Vote count:  86139
My Secret Romance
애타는 로맨스
Vote count:  39328
Moon Lovers
Scarlet Heart Ryeo
Vote count:  16900
The Legend of the Blue Sea
푸른 바다의 전설
Vote count:  16112
Manhole: Feel So Good 2017
Pilsu couple aka KimKim couple starring Kim Jae-Joong & Kim Yu-Jin(Uee)
Vote count:  2900
Ruler: Master of the Mask
군주 - 가면의 주인
Vote count:  2830
Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim
낭만닥터 김사부
Vote count:  2828
Introvert Boss
내성적인 보스
Vote count:  2728
My Sassy Girl
엽기적인 그녀
Vote count:  2527
Chicago Typewriter
시카고 타자기
Vote count:  1518
Vote count:  1419
화랑 | 花郞
Vote count:  1378
Vote count:  1270
BoYoo couple- Kim Yoo Jung and Park Bo Gum are the couple in Love in the moonlight or moonlight drawn by clouds you can know ho sweet they are in Youtube
Vote count:  1248
Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon
힘쎈여자 도봉순
Vote count:  1219
Live up to your name
Korean series 2017
Vote count:  1088
My Father is Strange
아버지가 이상해
Vote count:  799
Save Me
Save Me
Vote count:  618
Seven First Kisses
첫 키스만 일곱번째
Vote count:  562