This list contains top ten most consumed meat in the worldWhen we talk about meat, we all have our particular tastes. It is true that there are many vegetarians who do not consume, but most of the world ‘s population is omnivorous.

It is estimated that the approximate average consumption of meat per person per year is 40kg, a fact that guarantees that consumption is quite high. In some countries, such as China, the demand is even greater and, according to experts, is expected to increase around 80% for the next decade.

There are different methods to calculate this consumption. For example, you can be calculated by taking the number of heads of animals who have sacrificed, or the total weight of the meat.

And thanks to all of these methods can also be set which are the 10 most prefer meat:


Rabbit meat is among the most consumed. It is a white meat and has many proteins, besides being easy to digest.

It is estimated that the annual consumption of rabbit meat is 1 million tons . The main countries that consume are Spain, France and China. 


The goose meat is usually normally consumed in Asia, particularly in China. World production of this meat is close to 2.5 million tons. 


It is the main dish of countries like Australia, China and the Middle East. It has a very mild flavor that is pleasing to the palate; more and more people who feel completely captivated by her.

It is also a source of protein of very high quality. 


Duck meat is usually eaten quite often in China, in France and in Malaysia, having an associated consumption data of 4.5 kg per capita. Currently, the current production of duck is close to 4.5 million tons.

It is not only a very tasty dish, but also rich in nutrients. 


In this case, one of the leading US producers and consumers of turkey throughout the world. World production of turkey meat is 5.6 million tons. 


In many cultures, the goat is considered an ancestral animals and their meat is a privilege. World production of goat meat is so high that will reach 13 million tons.

In this case, China is again attributed the leadership producing 42% of the total market. Very followed by India and Pakistan. 


The beef is considered one of the most delicious, like beef and beef, even though the WHO has declared that its consumption could become cancerous.

World production of this type of meat is in 59 million tons , accounting for 25% of total meat. 


The chicken is undoubtedly one of the types of meat most consumed. It is preferred by most countries, precisely because it is very simple to produce. The value of total production of chicken meat is 89.7 million tons , with the US the largest producer with an annual figure of 43kg per capita. 


There are many types of fish and have the advantage of providing a range of benefits to our health. Consumption is 100 million tons in the world. 


And we end with pork comprising 36% of total meat consumption worldwide, the most consumed. It is estimated to produce about 110 tons per year. 

And what is your favorite type of meat? Sure some of those found in this list right?