Top 10 Highest Cities in the World

This list contains highest cities in the world. We have made a selection of 10 cities with the highest altitude throughout the world. These cities have a very special feature is that, being the highest, oxygen in them may be in a level somewhat adjusted to as why people so that perhaps are not the best place to live.

The highest cities in the world are located in South America.

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Hushe Village, Pakistan (3050 meters)

The village highest altitude in this area is in what is known as the Valley of Hushe and is very close to reaching heights of the highest mountains in the world.

This place is the starting point for many hikers to be a point key to the Himalayas. 

Leadville, Colorado (3094 meters)

An old mining town located in the Rocky Mountains and is the head of the Arkansas River; It is considered the highest city of all US.

If we look at the past, we realize that he managed to prosper due to silver extractions around. Although it was well known in his day, the truth is that now silver mining is no longer what it was. 

Villa Mills, Costa Rica (3100 meters)

This small town is very near a place known as the \"Cerro de la Muerte\", situated close to the border with Panama.

The temperature may be so low that sometimes descends to 0 ° C, although it is very close to Ecuador. 

Cuzco, Peru (3310 meters)

Many travelers visit it for being the famous lost city of the Incas as it is located very close to these ruins. It is estimated that in this place about 350,000 people currently live.

The landscape could not be more impressive being in the shadow of the incredible Andes mountains. 

Namche Bazaar, Nepal (3500)

A city that would be built as a commercial point where Tibetan herders exchanged yak cheese and butters, and other agricultural products. Today is a very popular key point for those climbers who try to crown the Everest. 

Apartaderos, Venezuela (3505 meters)

A place that also has amazing views, being the highest city in all of Venezuela. It is situated at the intersection of three major rivers in the region. 

Lhasa, Tibet (3,650 meters)

A city where about 250,000 people located in the heart of the Tibetan plateau live, having been declared World Heritage Site.

It was the home of the Dalai Lama, so it is considered a landmark for travelers and pilgrims who want to enjoy their amazing Buddhist temples. 

Potosi, Bolivia (4,090 meters)

Potosi was a mining town and has become one of the most important in America.

It was a benchmark in the extraction of silver, a fact that was decisive in understanding the history of this city. 

El Alto, Bolivia (4,150 meters)

This city was founded between La Paz and Lake Titicaca, where some 650,000 people live. It is the highest city in all of Bolivia; as a curiosity, here we find the La Paz airport . 

Rinoconada, Peru (5100 meters)

And we end with this place where not many people can survive because of the extreme conditions. It is very close to the maximum height of 6000 meters where the man could no longer live.

30,000 people live and one of the main jobs of the place is done in the gold mine.

Most residents live there for short periods, only to work, because being prolonged there could affect health. 

And these are the 10 highest cities in the world.

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