Top 10 World’s Most Expensive Accidents

This list contains the Top Ten Most Expensive Accidents in the world history. This involves many accidents such as car crashes, bridge collapse or drowning of the Titanic ship.

The calculation of accident loss includes damaged property and incurred expenses related to accidents like industry losses and cleanup.

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Titanic - Value: $150 Million

Sinking of the Titanic is probably the most well-known accident on the planet as a result of later a film based mostly on this occasion made it extra well-known among the many people. This big ship sank on the Maiden Voyage from Southampton in 1912 on 15 April. Solely the sinking of Titanic has taken the life of just about 1500 individuals which was thought-about as massive catastrophe within the historical past. It was probably the most trendy and splendid ocean ship ever made on the planet and it value nearly $7 million solely its making. It was estimated that this accident induced lack of $150 million. 

Tanker Truck Explodes on Wiehltal Bridge - Value: $358 Million

On 26th August, 2004, one automotive collided with one tanker truck which contained 32,000 liters gas on Wiehltal Bridge, Germany. The tanker then crashed by means of the facet of guardrail and as outcome it fell off 90 ft of the A4 Autobahn and resulted a humongous explosion and fierce fireplace which utterly destroyed load bearing skills of bridge.
Non permanent repairs executed cost around 40 million dollars and 318 Million dollars had been spent to exchange the bridge. 

MetroLink Crash - Value: $500 Million

On 12th September, 2008, world witnessed a train crash in California which was termed as one of the worst crashes of all time.
25 people got killed when Metrolink commuter daily train crashed into Union Pacific daily freight train, head-on, in (LA) Los Angeles.
It was thought that Metrolink train may not have obeyed the red signal because conductor was text messaging. Wrongful death lawsuits were expected and caused $500 million loss to Metrolink. 

B-2 Bomber Crash - Value: $1.4 Billion

Again here comes the most expensive aviation accident of the world which occurred in 2008 as the B-2 Stealth was crashed on the runway in Guam. All the investigators officers investigated that this accident happened because of the error in the computer data control system and suddenly the aircraft slipped but it was a big miracle that pilot survived after this accident. This accident caused the total loss of almost $1.4 billion and was the worst ever accident in the field of aviation. 

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill - Value: $2.5 Billion

The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill is the accident of 1989 which occurred in Alaska. A he tanker carrying almost 11 million gallons of oil spilled in the water and polluted the whole water with it which was spread in whole Gulf of Alaska. It was named as the worst accident which caused a major harm to the environment. The total cleanup cost of this whole water was almost $2.5 billion which is high amount for this mistake. 

Piper Alpha Oil Rig - Value: $3.4 Billion

The Piper Alpha Oil is the worst disaster which produces almost 317,000 barrels of oil in a single day and was the largest producer of oil in the world. It was their routine procedure to clean all material and check safety measures for prevention of all types of accidents. At that time by mistake a technician forgot to replace one of them and caused a big accident only within 2 hours which has killed almost 167 workers there and the damages were estimated to almost $3.4 billion. 

Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion - Value: $5.5 Billion

The Space Challenger Shuttle was destroyed exactly after 73 seconds of the takeoff on 28th January, 1986 due to fault in O-ring. It failed sealing one joint among many others, and allowed leaking of pressurized gas. This caused external tank of the shuttle to dump the payload of hydrogen liquid which caused a huge explosion.
The replacement cost of the Shuttle was calculated as 2 billion dollars in 1986 (4.5 billion dollars in today’s US dollars). The investigation cost, correction of problem and replacement cost of the equipment loss was calculated as 450 million dollars (1 Billion dollars in today’s US dollars). 

Prestige Oil Spill - Value: $12 Billion

The Prestige Oil Spill was basically the spilling of oil in the Coast of Galicia after sinking of oil tanker in water. It is incident of 2002 which was carrying almost 77,000 tons of fuel in it. The estimated cost for cleaning up the water was almost $12 billion because of gulf was very large and extended. These tankers were of Spain which caused them a big loss in the field of oil. 

Columbia Space Shuttle - Value: $13 Billion

The Space Shuttle Columbia was the first space ship of NASA which was destroyed in 2003 which happened only because of a single hole in the wing. The cost of this whole accident was estimated to be $13 billion according to the reports of the American Institute of Aeronautics. As spaceships are made with modern technology and are very expensive which a big loss was for the NASA. 

Chernobyl - Value: $ 200 Billion

It is accident of 1986 when the whole world has seen the most expensive accident in the history of the world. The disaster of Chernobyl was the worst nuclear plant in the world and the accident occurred when the operator violated the procedures and ignore all the safety measures as needed. It caused the death of almost 200,000 people there and almost 1.7 million people were affected by it. The estimated cost of only the nuclear plant was $2 billion but this whole accident caused the loss of $200 billion. 

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