The Best American TV Couples of All Time – Poll

We choose the best American TV Series Couple (and ship) , with your votes. Who has your favorite TV couple of all time? if your favorite TV Couple not listed in our poll, please add by using Upload Button

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Poll: Best TV Couples of American TV Series 2016

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Kol & Davina
The Originals
Vote count:  40
Caitlin & Barry
The Flash
Vote count:  37
Cory & Topanga
Girl Meets World
Vote count:  34
Waverly & Nicole Wynonna Earp
Vote count:  33
michael and sara
Vote count:  28
Bash & Kenna
Vote count:  28
Lisbon & Jane
The Mentalist
Vote count:  27
Nathan & Haley
One Tree Hill
Vote count:  25
Meg & Castiel
Vote count:  24
Eliot and Parker
Vote count:  23
Parker and Hardison
Vote count:  19
Chuck and Blair
Gossip Girl
Vote count:  18
Sawyer and Kate
Vote count:  15
Zoe & Wade
Hart of Dixie
Vote count:  14
Adrianna & Navid
Vote count:  13
Annie & Liam
Vote count:  13
Jack & Kate
Vote count:  13
David & Donna
Beverly Hills 90210
Vote count:  13
Jesse and Rebecca
Full House
Vote count:  13
Maggie & Glenn
The Walking Dead
Vote count:  13
  1. When will it end?

  2. Why it says I already voted? I thoguht you can vote once a day 🙁

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