We choose the best American TV Series Couple (and ship) , with your votes. Who has your favorite TV couple of all time? if your favorite TV Couple not listed in our poll, please add by using Upload Button

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Poll: Best TV Couples of American TV Series 2016

Dan & Blair
Gossip Girl
Vote count:  331
Nate & Sophie
Vote count:  286
Klaus & Camille
The Originals
Vote count:  283
Mulder and Scully
The X-Files
Vote count:  262
Castle & Beckett
Vote count:  259
Carrie & Sebastian
Carrie Diaries
Vote count:  226
Bonnie & Damon
The Vampire Diaries
Vote count:  187
Klaus & Hayley
The Originals
Vote count:  180
Rick Grimes & Michonne
The Walking Dead
Vote count:  170
Lucy & Desi
I Love Lucy
Vote count:  170
Nyssa and Laurel
Vote count:  170
Chuck & Sarah
Vote count:  169
Dylan & Brenda
Beverly Hills 90210
Vote count:  151
Chandler & Monica
Vote count:  135
Booth & Brennan
Vote count:  134
Oliver and Shane
Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Vote count:  133
Nick and Adalind
Vote count:  115
Betty and Jughead
Vote count:  95
Jake & Amy
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Vote count:  91
Will & Lisa
Fresh Prince Of Bel Air
Vote count:  91