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This list contains 27 best gift ideas for Lexa Fans.(The 100 TV Series Character) There are so many amazing gifts that you can purchase for someone in your life that loves ...

Who’s your favorite character in the TV hit show “The 100”? Choice your favorite 'The 100' character and vote. If the 'The 100' Character you want to give your vote does not take ...

Duel of ships: Fraven (Raven and Finn) or Flakre (Finn and Clarke) From: The 100 tv show. Who is your favorite Couples?Clarke : Eliza Taylor Raven : Lindsey Morgan Finn ...

Clarke or Lexa? Who is your favorite The The 100 TV Series Character. Who is most beautiful and best?Clarke : Eliza Taylor / The 100Lexa : Alycia Debnam Carey / The 100 ...

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