Most Handsome Hollywood Actors 2017 Poll

Who is Most Handsome Hollywood Actor of 2017. Choice your favorite Hollywood actor and vote. If the Hollywood Actor you want to give your vote does not take place in our list, add by using Upload a Photo Button

Contest End Day : 20 February 2018

Note: Only one vote is allowed for each Devices (Mobile Phone, Computer, Tablet) per social account per 24 hours

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Jamie Dornan
Vote count:  1953
Daniel Lissing
Vote count:  1811
Tom Hardy
Vote count:  1708
Charlie Hunnam
Vote count:  1562
Stephen Amell
Vote count:  1541
Tom Hiddleston
Vote count:  1528
Benedict Cumberbatch
Vote count:  1461
Mads Mikkelsen
Vote count:  1274
Ian Somerhalder
Vote count:  795
Jeremy Renner
Vote count:  735
Henry Cavill
Vote count:  714
Jared Leto
Vote count:  686
Christian Kane
Vote count:  681
Luke Evans
Vote count:  631
Tyler Hoechlin
Vote count:  608
Keanu Reeves
Vote count:  585
Johnny Depp
Vote count:  573
Jack Falahee
Vote count:  542
Alexander Skarsgard
Vote count:  538
Bob Morley
Vote count:  470
  1. Only Gerard..soft on the eyes..puts Mr. McDreamy out of his league

  2. We all know that Chace Crawford is the most handsome actor of 2017, time to let your voice be heard. All you need to do is go to page 4 and vote so we can make Chace Crawford number 1 where he belongs!!!

  3. Josh Dallas is listed twice. Gerard Butler is the standard that all these young boys should look up to.

  4. Only Jake Gyllenhaal ❤️

  5. Greetings! I have been trying to get to page one to vote for Gerard Butler. This site will not allow me to go to page one or to move onto any other page. Additionally, I have not been allowed to vote for the past three days. There is a malfunction somewhere here. Who can help? Thanks in advance for any assistance you may render.

    • There is a one bug in our site. sometimes some users giving this error. we are trying to find it. Also we will add new functions in 24 hours for voting. Thank you please try again

  6. WHERE is Taylor Kinney?

  7. Just contacted this company this company the actors don’t actually win anything so its just a con to get people to their page and the fact the Gale Harold fans are just a computer programme to vote so its unfar and all the other but as they don’t actually win award it bloody time

  8. Gale Harold team are using a computer Voter programme to gain vote this unfair within 5 mins they got 900 votes this can only be achieved by computer program we asking that he be removed from this poll and that the company who runs this poll monitor it so its far completion by using a computer program take unfair advantage

  9. Please look into the top two men in the “Hollywoods Most Handsome Actor” totals. Seems a little suspicious that the top two have 22,683 and 17,223 votes, respectively when the number 3 spot is at 8,521. How can two unknowns have such tremendous leads! Thank you.

  10. Betsy why so bitter Luke Goss has been in over 60 films including Golden Army blade two and other hit movies your comments are so ridiculous

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