Why Your Family Should Have Life Vests on Hand in a Major Flood

What would  you do in case you find your area flooding with water? What do you have to keep  your loved ones safe through strong, rushing floodwater? If you have no answers  to these questions, then it’s high time to purchase the right life jacket for  your needs.

Save Life

According to the reports compiled by the U.S.  Coast Guard, 459 people drown every year, and 71 of those victims even had a  life jacket on. Moreover, research shows that 2/3 of the people who drowned are  considered good swimmers, but they did not wear any life vest to keep them safe  in water. These drowning statistics are from supervised recreational activities  in the water.

During a flood, the chance and risks of drowning are  higher. Wearing a full existence vest will prevent you from drowning and save  your valuable life. The bright colours of the vests may also make it much easier  for rescuers to identify you if you’re trapped.

Keep You Afloat

In  case you need to evacuate through growing floodwater, wading the existing can be  exhausting, even if you understand how to swim so when you are in very good  physical condition even. Moreover, regardless of how great you are in swimming,  dread and high degrees of anxiety make a difference your capability to swim.  Life vests could keep you floating when you regain your power safely, along with  keep your mind above water if solid flood waters sweep you aside.

It’s  very very important to kids, elderly, women that are pregnant, many people who  have no idea how to swim, and folks with disabilities to put on life vests  throughout a flood since they will definitely need something to help keep them  safe in water.

Turn you Around the Right Way

In case you are knocked  out unconscious, and your face is in the water, not wearing a life vest is  fatal. Some life vests are made to always turn you over with your face in the  upward position. This feature could save your life, as well as the members of  your family.

Keep you Warm

Many life jackets are designed to keep  your body warm while you are out of the water. This is particularly vital during  a major flood in winter or in case you are trapped going swimming in cold water  looking forward to rescuers.

Even exposure to water for an extended time  period is dangerous. When the physical body’s temperature drops to significantly  less than 95F could cause in hypothermia. Water that’s cooler than 75F shall  remove body temperature faster than it could be replaced. A full existence vest  will shield you from cold-water shock, hypothermia, and secondary drowning.

Choose the best Life Vests

It is extremely important that you choose  life vests suited for each known member of the family. One size will not fit  all. The life span vest should fit the wearer. It should snug be, but not as  well uncomfortable and limited. If it can be too large, the flotation gadget can  press up around the wearer’s encounter, which is quite dangerous. If it really  is too small, you won’t keep carefully the wearer’s body afloat. A life vest  should always be able to support the wearer’s weight.

Moreover, an adult  life vest is not enough to protect a child. Always check the fit of the life  vest of your child as you would for yourself. Children and infants will need  life vests that are made to especially match their safety needs in the water.

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Children 30-50lbs.  

Infants up to 50lbs. and Youth 50-90lbs.




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