Top 15 Ways to Get Baby to Sleep Through the Night in Crib

We list the 15 ways to get your babies sleep through the night in crib.

  1. 1 Use swinging crib
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    Swinging cribs help you to rock the baby to sleep. So, when you find that your baby in unwilling to sleep in crib, you can go swinging cribs.

  2. 2 Use a pacifier
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    A pacifier can seem like mommy magic: There’s no denying pacifiers can work remarkably well at comcomforting your baby and getting her to sleep.

  3. 3 Use a night light
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    Intense light may interfere with a baby\’s sleep. A dim light will help the baby to fall asleep in the most natural way and relieve you from all the problems of making him sleep in the crib.

  4. 4 Swaddle your baby
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    Swadding your baby is nothing but wrapping him or her using a blanket. It provides the baby with utmost comfort. It creates a warm and secure environment ideas for the baby’s sleep.

  5. 5 Story time
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    Reading a story can help your baby settle plus it help nurture a love of books from an early age. Babies will appreciate hearing your soothing voice reading a simple story.

  6. 6 Make calming sound
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    You can make calming sounds orally or may even play some light, soothing music to create a calm and peaceful environment and make your baby sleep.

  7. 7 Use white noise machine
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    White noise is a significant sleeping aid. It helps in drawning all the sounds and allows the brain of child to ignore all the sounds. It thus creates an ambiance favorable for sleeping.

  8. 8 Use lavender oil
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    Just before your baby goes to sleep, give him a good massage with lavender oil. This will help him to relax and stay calm and will promote good sleep.

  9. 9 Use overnight diaper
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    Being wet is not comfortable feeling and so to avoid that it is best to use an overnight diaper for the nights.

    It keeps them dry and comfortable, resulting into longer hours of sleep.

  10. 10 Empty the crib
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    It is suggested that you empty the crib so that your baby finds enough space to sleep. Crib bumpers, if present in the crib, may cause overheating and suffocation as well

  11. 11 Sign to your baby
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    A lullaby the best medicine that you can use for rocking your baby to sleep. It slowly transforms your baby to the worlds of sleep.

  12. 12 “Room in”

    You could shift your baby’s crib in your own bedroom and help him to fall asleep. This would easier, since he will find the environment familiar.

    Once he falls asleep, yoy could shift him along with the crib to his on room.

  13. 13 Leave your scent behind

    Leave your clothes near the crib or hang a piece of your clothing around the crib; this makes them feel that you are around them even when they are asleep.

  14. 14 Set a bedtime routine

    Maintain a regular time in which you will put your baby in the crib.

    Also, make a daily routine of activities that you will perform, such as singing a lullaby or massaging the baby and try to implement them every day.

  15. 15 Bath before bedtime

    A bath before bed time is hygienic as well as supportive of a good sleep since it helps the baby to relax.

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