Top 10 Super Herbs to Cleanse Your Kidneys

There is enormous change in our lifestyle which has definitely improved ways of comfort, but decreased our quality of life. One of the most adverse impact of pollution in increasing toxin level in the food that we consume. you can achieve a full health maintenance by keeping in check the health of the KIDNEYS.

  1. 1 Celery

    Celery has natural diuretic properties. It aids in removing toxins from the body by increasing urination.

  2. 2 Corn Silk

    Corn silk can be used to treat bladder infections, kidney stones and urinary infections.

  3. 3 Dandelion Root

    According to a study, dandelion works as a diuretic in humans and increases urine production.

  4. 4 Ginger

    Ginger is an effective herb for cleansing the kidneys. It helps flush harmful toxins out of the kidneys and improves digestion.

  5. 5 Horsetail

    Horsetail is herb with diuretic properties. It increases urine output to flush harmful toxins out of the body.

  6. 6 Marshmallow

    Marshmallows contain diuretic properties that encourage better urine flow. This helps cleanse the kidneys from toxins and promotes kidney health.

  7. 7 Parsley

    Parsley is a strong, natural diuretic herb that cleanses the kidneys. It promotes increased urine output to help flush bacteria and germs out the kidneys.

  8. 8 Stinging Nettle

    Stinging nettle can also help cleanse your kidneys. Their diuretic property increases urine production and helps remove metabolic waste.

  9. 9 Turmeric

    Turmeric is another herb that is well recognized for its cleansing properties. It cleanses the kidneys, detoxifies liver and purifies blood.

  10. 10 Uva Ursi

    Uva ursi is an herb that has natural diuretic properties that help fight kidney infections. The chief constituent of uva ursi is a phenolic glycoside called arbutin that makes this herb diuretic in nature.

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