The Story of the Gift Cards

Gifts cards are 10x more effective at driving costumers in the door than any other promotional activity. Here’s how retailers got in the gift giving game.


First paper gift certificates appear in department stores.


McDonalds wins the hearths of consumers with its gift certificate program.


Mobil and Blockbuster introduced a plastic card. The modern gift card is born.


Gift card sales reach the $19 billion mark.


Starbucks launches gift cards, considered on of the most successful gift card programs in the world.

Why do People chose to buy gift cards?

  • 46.4%  – Allows the recipient to select their gift.
  • 19.4% – Easier & Faster To Buy

Why do some people decide not to buy gift cards?

  • 26.1% Too impersonal
  • 17.4% Concerned about fees and expiration dates
  • 9.1% Prefer sale items that stretch their dollar further.

What Gift Cards will people buy for friends and family?

  • 38.7% Department Stores
  • 33.8% Restaurants
  • 18.2% Entertainment venues (Movies or Music)
  • 19.8% Bookstores
  • 15.9% Coffee Shops
  • 13% Discount Stores

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