How to Secure your Garden from Deer

Gardeners living in the country constantly have to cope with deer invasions and losing their prized crops and plants to these docile, but voracious animals. There are many humane and eco-friendly ways to handle deer problems in the garden.

Before you try any of these available solutions, consider the size of your garden, budget, and the gravity of deer invasion. Are you dealing with one or two occasional deer or are you coping with a whole family of them? Whatever solutions you decide on, just make sure they’re nonlethal and non-toxic, particularly if you have small kids running around your property.

Common Ways to Repel Deer

1. Most people use ultrasonic sensors that detect motion and trigger alarms that involve light and high-frequency sound. This plan is effective, however the downside is that it is possible for the deer to learn that the sound is not harmful to them.

2. Some gardeners scent-mark their gardens with predator odors that make deer turn away. However, similar to high-frequency sounds, deer are smarter than what people give them credit for and will learn that these smells don’t mean danger. Later on, you’ll notice your visitors ignoring those scary predator scents.

3. Another method is spraying all of your vegetation with unappetizing flavors and growing plant life that deer naturally don’t like. This approach works when you have plenty of time. It also depends if you are willing to re-spray or reapply after every rain shower.

4. Last, but possibly the most efficient is setting up barriers. Fences and nettings keep the pets out of your garden permanently, or at least for a longer term than the solutions mentioned above. They are cheap, durable, easy-to-install, and flexible. You may also fold it aside when you feel like it.

How exactly to Use Deer Netting?

First, gauge the areas you want to enclose and purchase the desired length of mesh. Install and place some buntings, so that the deer will dsicover the barrier, rather than a garden-full of meals. Over time, the deer will minimize looking to get into your property and eating your beloved plants. It is also an excellent deterrent for rabbits.

Choose a mesh netting that is durable, has a warranty, and is the right height to prevent even the largest deer culprit from leaping into your premises.

Gardeneer By Dalen DX-7 Deer-X Protective Netting 7′ x 100′

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