How to Make Sure You have Access to Clean Water to Drink

During  calamities, water can quickly become contaminated and unsafe. Sewage overflow,  cracks in pipes, and shutdown of treatment facilities mean that even if you have  access to tap water, it may not be safe to drink.

Waterborne illness can  threaten the health of your family and drinking contaminated water can cause  dysentery or cholera. Even a simple skin contact with contaminated water can  cause various illnesses.


There are a true number of water  treatment options. But before you utilize any of these methods, each with its  advantages and disadvantages, you have to remove any sediment from the water.  Pour the water through a paper towel, coffee filter, or cheesecloth. However, if  you suspect the water is normally contaminated with toxic chemicals, it’s best  to find a different source.


Boiling is the most effective  way to kill microorganisms. Boil water at 70C or 160F for 30 minutes to kill all  the pathogens. Boiling the water above 85C or 185F for a couple of minutes will  sufficiently destroy the microorganisms. The time it takes for the water to  reach boiling point (100C or 212F) from 70C or 160F, can kill all the pathogens,  even at high altitude. To be very safe, rapidly boil water for 1 minute,  particularly if you live in high altitude where water boils at lower temps  because of low atmospheric temperature.

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Chemical  Purification

Chlorine Bleach

Bleach that contains an active ingredient of  about 5-6 percent sodium hypochlorite is another way of treating water, but it  can add a funny taste to it. NEVER USE bleaches containing additional active  ingredients since they are not safe for human being consumption.

Put 1/8  teaspoon of bleach for every 1 gallon of water. Let stand for 30 minutes. After  30 minutes, the water should have a faint chlorine smell. If it does not, repeat  the process. If the water still does not have a chlorine smell after the second  application, toss the water and find a different source.

Iodine  Treatment

Although this item efficiently treats water, it shall put in a  slight iodine taste. However, when compared to dangerous threat of drinking  contaminated drinking water, an off taste and smell may be the best option  slightly. Iodine is most effective in water that’s over 21C or 68F. It’s  considered far better than chlorine treatment. Nevertheless, some social  individuals are allergic to iodine.

  • 2 Percent Liquid Tincture. Add 5  drops for each 1 quart of pure water and add 1o drops for each 1 quart of cloudy  water.
  • Iodine Tablet. Follow the manufacturer’s directions about how to  utilize it properly.
  • Polar Pure Iodine Crystals. Fill up the Polar Pure  bottle with drinking water and shake and allow sit for one hour. Add a handful  of capfuls for each 1 quart of drinking water as shown on the bottle predicated  on the iodine alternative temperature. Allow iodine solution treated drinking  water are a symbol of 30 minutes. Remember that the water should be at least 20C  or 68F to destroy Giardia cysts that trigger diarrhea and cramping or stomach  discomfort. You can warm the drinking water under the sun utilizing a laptop  solar oven or you can include warm water.

Water Purifiers

Commercial  water purifiers will be the many effective and simplest way to eliminate metals,  pathogens, sediments, and other pollutants. They are made of cloth generally,  sand, ceramic, carbon, and charcoal that can take away the dangerous pollutants.  The many water purifiers available for sale includes handheld UV filters, water  straws and bottles with built-in water filter, filters that are attached to  faucets, and countertop filters.

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