How to Alert People You Need Rescue During a Flash Flood

Imagine this scenario. You are inside your home while torrential rains and winds are happening non-stop. Moments before, you heard on the radio how authorities issue

Imagine this scenario. You are inside your home while torrential rains and winds  are happening non-stop. Moments before, you heard on the radio how authorities  issue a flash flood warning near your area. There is usually some knee-deep  water in front of your home, and it’s slowly getting deeper. Assuming you failed  to evacuate on time, no more time to move, and with fear slowly getting to you,  the power shuts down. What do you do?

Don’t Panic

Fear will paralyze you  and will muddle your judgment. Don’t go into the water. The current can easily  sweep you away. Instead, move up your house’s second floor, bringing along food,  clean water, and your valuables stashed in a single easy-to-carry, waterproof  bag. If you are inside a single-story home, get to the roof for safety. Keep  warm.

White Blanket, Towel, or Shirt to get Air and Boat Rescuers to Notice  You

In the 2017 Houston, Texas flooding rescuers were informing those who  need rescue from homes to place white flag, shirt, or blanket on roof.

Look  for a cardboard where you can write “HELP” or “SOS” in big bold letters. Don’t  forget to take those down if you can, once somebody involves rescue you to  ensure that emergency providers won’t need to look twice within an empty home.  Draw out flash or flares lighting at night in the event that you hear a rescue  chopper close.

Call 911

Expect to be placed on hold, but hang up don’t.  Your call will be in queue, and somebody will answer as possible soon. Before  your batteries go out, post on cultural media, take photographs of your send and  area for help.

Download Free of charge Apps to greatly help Locate You

Some free iOS and Android apps can be extremely useful during natural  calamities. Tag your location if you are in distress, so anyone near you can  send for help.

Don’t go to the Attic

If you are alone, don’t remain in  the attic where authorities will find it hard to spot you. Get to the roof. If  there are numerous of you stranded in one location, take turns watching out for  rescuers and make sure to have at least one of you on the roof to alert them for  help.

Conserve Your Energy

Exhaustion and hypothermia, apart from  drowning, are severe threats in times like these. Keep yourself warm by donning  plastic over your clothes to keep from getting wet or wearing waterproof  windbreakers. Take turns resting and make sure to each have a supply of food  with you anywhere you go.

Ensure that each is self-contained, so that  whether or not you may not it comes to a point where you’ll accidentally  individual from one another, then nobody will go thirsty or hungry.

In times  of emergencies, everyone must heed the authorities’ call for an evacuation. Even  if it looks like there’s a good weather coming, don’t ignore the warnings. If  you live near rivers and dams, be sure to prepare for major weather disturbances  by stockpiling clean water, food, batteries, chargers, essential medicines, etc.  Also, it will always be an exceptional idea to purchase rafts or boats if  flooding can be an occasional affair in your house.

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