Flying Bike Scorpion-3

Flying cars and their version on two wheels are vehicles with which the human being has been dreaming for a long time; And literature and science fiction films have been able to capture this desire very well. All those who have ever imagined piloting the powerful Star Wars Speeder bike, literally overflying the asphalt, we are a little closer to making our dream come true thanks to the start up Hoverbike and its Scorpion-3. 

It is a prototype single-seat aircraft that combines the design of a standard motorcycle with the technology of a dron, as it rises in the air propelled by four propellers - which provides, Both professional and amateur pilots, a great flight stability. 

It is equipped with a security system powered by last generation flight controllers, with speed limitation and computer-assisted altitude to prevent accidents. In this sense, it can reach almost 50 km / h of speed and a height of about 10 meters. Also, it has autonomy to remain in the air approximately 27 minutes. 

Its engineers have sought to equip the vehicle for maneuverability and, for this, the crewman has control of the machine: you can surf the skies by varying the altitude and the steering with the controls. 

The company explains that, to this day, the Scorpion-3 may be seen more as an instrument for extreme sports than a means of transport, But their potential in this sense is "evident," they point out. Its price will be about 150,000 dollars (approximately 142.00 euros).

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