Fashion Guide for Women

To find your body type, wrap a tape measure around the fullest part of your upper thighs and bust, and the narrowest part of your waist. Find clothes that fit your largest measurement. Don’t focus on just one body part-remember your whole silhouette.

What is your Body Type?


  1. 1 Strawberry (aka inverted triangle)

    • Largest measurement is bust by 2+ inches
    • Wider shoulders

    Tip: Try to emphasize your lower body, while making your upper body appear softer

  2. 2 Apple

    • Waist is larger than bust or hips
    • Short women may appear to have a curvier shape

    Tip: Make your torso appear longer, and pick clothes that create a strong waist shape

  3. 3 Banana (aka Ruler, Rectangle)

    • Straight-line body shape without wide hips
    • Hip and bust are less than 8 inches bigger than waist
    • Tall or skinny women may appear banana-shaped

    Tip: Slender legs and arms are an asset - show them off, and find clothes that create curves.

  4. 4 Pear

    • Hips are biggest measurement by 2+ inches
    • With broad shoulders, may look like hourglass

    Tip: Try to minimize hips, and add extra volume to your upper body

  5. 5 Hourglass

    • Hips and bust within 2 inches of the same size
    • Waist 8-10" less than hips and bust
    • With broad shoulders, may look like strawberry

    Tip: Show off your curves with close-fitting clothes, as long as you don't overdo it

Finding to right fit

Tight or Loose?

  • Avoid tightness in unshaped areas like the upper arm.
  • You can emphasize your shape with a tighter fit around your hips.
  • While tight clothes can make you look bigger, loose clothes show how small you are in contrast.
  • Avoid clothes that restrict your normal range of motion, or are so loose that they fall off.

Which Neckline suits me?


Wide - Wide necklines can emphasize your shoulders and make your upper body appear wider and shorter

Tapered - Tapered necklines make your torso appear slimmer and longer

High - High necklines may make substantial cleavage appear too large; low necklines may emphasize a lack of cleavage

How to find the right Shirt

  • The hem of shirt should generally fall midway between your waist and groin
  • A shirt that's too long will cover up your leg line-shorten it to change your visual proportions

How to find the right Pants

  • High-waisted pants can appear to lengthen your legs for a more attractive look
  • Pair slimming pants with a tighter top, and looser pants with more roomy tops
  • Make sure pants pockets aren't too large or too small for your figure
  • Keep your calves and ankles looking slim by avoiding flare cut or boot cut pants

Which shoes to Wear

  • If your shoes are large or otherwise visually striking-like wedge heels or big sneakers-they'll be the first place people look
  • Keep it proportional: if your outfit is substantial and roomy, tiny shoes may look too small, and very large shoes may be too much for a tight outfit
  • Stick with shoes that taper to softened point - strike a balance by avoiding shoes with toes that are too rounded or too pointy

Finding the right Color


The Color Wheel - All colors fall under red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, pr an in-between.

Warm Colors - Red, Orange, yellow

Suggest heat and light. These pair well with a warmer skin tone.

Cool Colors - Green, blue, violet

Suggest cold and calmness. Use these with a cool skin tone.

Color Harmonies

  1. 1 Monochrome

    Use only shades or one color - any color, not just greys, blacks or whites.

  2. 2 Complementary

    Use one of the six color wheel pairings that are directly across from each other, like blue-orange - if this is too striking, try

  3. 3 Similar

    One strong color, like red, with the other two next to it as accents, like red-orange and red-violet.

  4. 4 Half-triad

    Combine one color with the two colors next to the complement across from it - like yellow with red-violet and blue-violet.

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