Building a New Garden with a Manual Sod Cutter

Starting a fresh garden from scratch is certainly time-eating, but with the  proper equipment plus some muscle power, a patch could be cleared by you of  grass in a few hours tops. No need to purchase an extravagant machine that not  merely breaks the bank, but can be an overkill for beginning a charming little  backyard also. A manual sod cutter will the trick.

When utilizing a manual  sod cutter don’t forget to accomplish these two factors: First, wet the yard to  soften really difficult, packed dirt, and mow the prevailing grass to slice the  sod’s height then. These preparations are essential books desire the sod cutter  to fully capture the ideal height to eliminate the grass and the main layer.

Determine if the bottom is soft more than enough to perform the cutter  through simply by poking it with a stay or a trowel. You should at least press  the trowel down two in . to make sure that it will end up being simple to kick  the cutter forwards. Otherwise, you’ll possess trouble pushing the tool forwards  and it’ll consider longer than it will.

How to Use a Manual Sod Cutter

1.  After preparing the ground and marking the area that you want to clear, you are  now ready to use your cutter. Don protective gear to prevent injuries. Adjust  the blade to slice your desired sod thickness and drive down the tool onto the  soil.

2. Press down on the handlebar and give it a good thrust forward by  kicking the crossbar on the lower half of the tool. The blade should slide down  easily, slicing the turf efficiently underneath. Repeat the process until you  reach the end of the lawn. You can work on rows or create unusual patterns on  your garden if you don’t intend to remove the entire lawn.

3. When done, pull  up the cutter, set it aside, and roll the sods into neat spools of grass. You  can use those rolled sods to transfer them to a different area in the garden or  even sell them by the squares.

With a simple machine such as this, you can  prep a small area quickly to start your garden. Choose a dependable sod cutter  to last you a long time.

Sod Cutter, Kick Type, 12 Inch Wide Blade

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