Best Kitchen Knives Types

There are many different types of Kitchen Knives for various uses, but which is right for you?


  1. 1 Paring Knife
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    The Perfect everyday knife with a fine blade, slim cutting edge and firm tip. Great for peeling potatoes, fruit, vegetables and for carrying out other small intricate tasks such as coring.

  2. 2 Peeling Knife
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    The curved blade featured on this style of knife make it perfect for peeling all kinds of fruit and vegetables. The short handle, thin blade and firm tip are also ideal for removing eyes from updates.

  3. 3 Boning Knife
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    The thin, curved blade features a straight edge, designed to make removing meat from the bone quick and easy. Flexible versions are available and are ideal for use with fish and poultry.

  4. 4 Filleting Knife
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    This long, slim blade is perfect for filleting and preparing fish and meat. The flexibility in the blade allows ease of movement, making delicate tasks such as removing skin quick and effortless.

  5. 5 Utility Knife
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    High versatile and multi-functional, this style of knife is suitable for chopping and slicing fruit, vegetables and small cuts of meat. Usually features a small, stiff blade making them very strong.

  6. 6 Chinese Chopper
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    Choppers have a very similar appearance to cleavers but are usually not suitable for chopping through bones or frozen foods. Instead they should be used for general meat slicing.

  7. 7 Cleaver
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    These knives commonly have a large, rectangular blade that’s incredibly sturdy. The thick cutting edge makes this knife perfect for tough tasks such as splitting large cuts of meat and spare ribs.

  8. 8 Santoku Knife
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    Excellent for meat, fish and vegetable preparation, this particular knife has a wide blade to scoop chopped food and a curved end to help the rocking motion when chopping.

  9. 9 Chef’s Knife
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    The most commonly used and popular knife, the Chef’s Knife, has a strong, weighted blade. It can be used for many chopping and slicing tasks, making it a staple piece in your knife collection.

  10. 10 Bread Knife
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    Featuring a serrated, long and strong blade that allows you to cut through bread producing clean slices without any ripping or tearing. They can also be used for slicing other soft foods such as tomatoes.

  11. 11 Palette Knife
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    With a broad and blunt blade, this type of knife is great when cooking omelettes and pancakes as the flexible material will allow you to slide between the pan and food with ease.

  12. 12 Carving Knife
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    The purpose of this knife is to slice thin cuts of meat such as poultry, roasts, hams, and other large cooked meats. Featuring a thinner blade than other knives, enabling it to carve more precise slices.

Blade Edges


Cut raw meat, slice fish or chop vegetables. Should be razor sharp.


Used to slice soft products that have a hard crust.



Hallowed out grooves reduce sticking when cutting moist items.

Knife Materials

Stainless Steel

Less expensive knives tend to be made from low carbon stainless steel. As a result of the price they are likely to require re-sharpening a little more often than other materials. Stainless steel will however not stain or discolour.

Carbon Steel

With a higher carbon make up than stainless steel, Carbon steel is easier to sharpen and will retain its cutting edge for longer, as a result they are slightly more expensive than regular stainless steel knives.


The three key properties of titanium that make it the ideal metal for knives are its corrosion resistance, incredible strength and lightweight feel. Often mixed with ceramic, silver or diamond, knives are durable and easy to maintain.

Damascus Steel

With a higher carbon make up than stainless steel, Carbon steel is easier to sharpen and will retain its cutting edge for longer, as a result they are slightly more expensive than regular stainless steel knives.

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