A Hurricane After Effect: Surviving Tornadoes with Children

Get your family organized for possible tornados after a hurricane.

Are you set for a tornado after a hurricane? Obtain your loved ones organized for a primary hurricane after impact. Follow these guidelines to endure a tornado.

We believe tornadoes and hurricanes are split weather phenomenon usually, with  tornadoes occurring in toned hurricanes and prairies forming in warm, coastal  areas. We also generally believe hurricanes are much bigger than tornadoes while  tornadoes have got quicker winds than hurricanes.

However, hurricanes  may create tornadoes. They bring multiple rotating supercells or thunderstorms,  storms that induce tornadoes. In reality, all tornadoes want storms to  form.

Also, hurricanes pull in warm, moist air, that may create unstable  air currents with the much less moist, slightly colder air in the atmosphere.  When the warm air rises because it’s less dense, it creates a  tornado.

Finally, hurricanes create abrupt changes in wind direction and  speed, called rolls or, to put it simply, multiple reversed tornadoes. When  these rolls flip towards the direction of the ground, it becomes a  tornado.

Hence, whenever there is a hurricane, you must also expect and  prepare for a tornado. Here’s how you can be safe in case of a tornado during a  hurricane.

Before a Tornado

Teach Your Children about  Tornadoes

Although tornadoes during a hurricane are less powerful than the  prairie ones, your children will be more scared if they don’t know anything  about tornadoes, especially if you live in an area where there are no known  cases. You can mentally prepare your children by telling them how they are  created and make it less frightening for them.

Create a Survival  Plan

A disaster strategy during tornadoes will lessen their panic. When they  know what to do and where to go, they will be less anxious. Go through your  survival plan at least once a month until it becomes second nature to  them.

Survival Kit

Hurricane and flood may not have damaged your  house. Also, you might not have to evacuate during the calamity, but you still  have to maintain your on-the-move food supply kit in the event a tornado strikes  your neighborhood. Don’t use your emergency kit yet simply. Keep it handy, and  also other necessary products, including, important documents, medicines,  toiletries, clothing, and other items you are felt by you should be safe.

Secure the House

Clear the lawn of any particles or items that solid  wind could blow away to reduce the damage and risk they can pose to your  dwelling or family. Windproof the hinged doors and the windows. Gather up your  house animals. Secure indoor products by nailing them to the wall or ground.  Shut down the utilities, including drinking water, gas, and  electricity.

Monitor the neighborhood News

Keep an optical eyes on the  elements if you can. Staying updated of the storm shall maintain you prepared in  the event of a tornado happening.

Wear Bike Helmets

It sounds silly,  but wearing a helmet throughout a tornado will protect your heads from any  flying broken debris and cup, and save your valuable lives possibly. Strap very  young children in a motor carseat to stabilize and protect them throughout a  tornado.

During a Tornado

Visit the Safe Area

Grab your emergency  package and proceed the basement. If there is no need a basement, go an  available room on the lowest floor with no windows, like a closet or a bathroom.  Get under any durable, heavy furniture in the area to safeguard you from any  particles, like a table.

If in a bathroom, then lie in the bathtub and  cover yourselves with thick blankets. Anything between you and a tornado will  keep you a bit more protected. If you have pets, then bring them with you in the  safe area.

Stay in the Safe Area

Unless it’s for another person, never  go out for anything once a tornado hit. No item is worth risking your life.

After the Tornado

Remain in your safe area for at least 20 minutes  after you think the tornado is gone. Lightning could be as dangerous. If your  safe region has been broken and somebody is injured severely, better get out to  check out help.

Keep the small children Safe and Calm

Give everyone a  torch to greatly help them see and also to keep everyone secure from dangers  following the tornado. If anyone can be injured, use your medical kit. Await  rescuers to arrive when you can. İf it is safe to venture out, check your house  first for just about any hazard always, such as for example downed power or  trees lines, gas leaks, broken wirings, damaged glass, and other particles.  Before turning on the energy, gas, and water, own it checked by a specialist  first to avoid untoward incidents, including, fire, explosion, and  flood.

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