5 Things to do to Prepare for a Flood

Learn how to prepare for a devastating flood and up your chances of survival.

Your flood survival will depend largely on how you prepare for it. Flood water can be quite unpredictable and powerful. However, you can improve your chances of getting to a safe location by making sure that you are ready for it beforehand. Here are things to do at the first announcement of a flood warning.

Preparing for a flood is the best way to survive it. Learn the things you can do to plan out an evacuation and to increase your chances of surviving a flood.

  1. 1 Watch Out for Reports and Warnings

    While weather forecasts are not 100% accurate, they’re still pretty reliable for storm and flooding warning announcements. Most local TV and radio stations also give up-to-the-minute flooding updates via social media, so you might also want to tune in.  

    Once there is an announcement for a hurricane or a tropical cyclone, expect some flooding aftermath especially if you live in low-lying areas and where occasional flooding occurs.

  2. 2 Prepare and Stock Up on Necessities

    Stash non-perishable food, bottled water, medicines, emergency kit, fully-charged power banks, batteries, flash lights, and other necessary items to help you endure potential flooding. Store them in the attic or somewhere high enough in case water inundates your home. Stock up on up to 5 days’ worth of non-perishable food, just to be safe.

  3. 3 Purchase an Inflatable Boat

    If you live near a river or any body of water, a dam, levee, or are in a marshy area, then investing in an inflatable boat is a perfect idea. You may use the boat to escape to higher ground on time as well as to volunteer for rescue in dire circumstances.

  4. 4 Plan for Evacuation and Gather Information

    Get to know where to go in case there’s a call for an evacuation. Notify your relatives or friends ahead of time if you plan to go to their place to avoid the flood. Look for the nearest buildings to take shelter in if the water rises to dangerous levels. 

    Opt to move out at risk family members such as babies, the elderly, and those with disabilities for safety. It is important to stick together during this time, but some of you may not be too willing to leave your homes while anticipating the flood. You may also move vehicles to higher ground during this time.

    Have enough money to use for renting out a hotel room to spend some time in because most ATMs will surely be out of order or out of cash. Take photos for insurance claims in case the worst kind of thing happens.

  5. 5 Evacuate

    Authorities will send out warning once an evacuation is necessary. Make sure to follow it and move out immediately. Don’t ignore these warnings, so people won’t need to rescue you if you get stranded.

    Secure your belongings and bring enough food to last you for several days if you have to go to shelters.

    Remember, flood water moves fast, and if you don’t prepare for it, you could get stuck in the most unlikely places. Always be alert to avoid this and stay at home as much as possible. Request your boss to excuse you from coming to work in case of an emergency and avoid wading in flood water because it’s dangerous. Get to higher ground and take all necessary precautions to survive the ordeal.

Some Survival Equipments for Floods

Inflatable boat: Intex Excursion 5, 5-Person Inflatable Boat Set

Portable solar Ovens --> Sunflair Portable Solar Oven

Solar oven with less bells and whistles --> Sunflair Mini Portable Solar Oven

Waterproof/Fireproof safe box ---> Honeywell Fire Safe Waterproof Safe Box Chest

Book Free food and Medicine --->  Free Food and Medicine Worldwide Edible Plant Guide

Portable Water Purification - LifeStraw Family 1.0 Water Purifier

Life Vests 

- Adult life vests -->  Onyx General Purpose Life Vest

 and  Children life vest 

- 30-50 lbs --> Full Throttle Child Water Buddies Life Vest

- Infants up to 50lbs Full Throttle Infant/Child Nylon Vest


- 50-90 lbs ---> Stearns Youth Boating Vest (50-90 lbs.)

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