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Best TV Couple of American TV Series of 2016 Poll winner is Clexa (Clarke and Lexa). Click here to Poll Results.

Jason & Sam
General Hospital
Vote count:  40903
Oliver and Shane
Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Vote count:  35076
Stiles & Lydia
Teen Wolf
Vote count:  23746
Oliver & Felicity
Vote count:  6532
Klaus & Camille
The Originals
Vote count:  6175
Klaus & Caroline
The Vampire Diaries
Vote count:  5046
Ian And Mickey
Vote count:  4869
Claire & Jamie
Vote count:  4854
Clarke and Bellamy
The 100
Vote count:  4182
Alec & Magnus
Vote count:  2697
Stefan & Elena
The Vampire Diaries
Vote count:  2319
Sam & Dean
Vote count:  1829
Maggie & Alex
Vote count:  1517
Kala & Wolgang - Sense8
Vote count:  1437
Regina Mills & Emma Swan
Once Upon A Time
Vote count:  1411
Jack & Elizabeth
When Calls the Heart
Vote count:  1188
Rumpelstiltskin and Belle
Once Upon A Time
Vote count:  981
Lucifer & Chloe
Vote count:  943
Barry & Iris
The Flash
Vote count:  913
Dean and Castiel
Vote count:  734