Best Teen Wolf Characters – Poll

Who’s your favorite character in the TV hit show “Teen Wolf”?
If the Teen Wolf Character you want to give your vote does not take place in our list, add by using Upload Photo to the Contest Button.

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Lydia Martin
Holland Roden
Vote count:  1585
Stiles Stilinski
Dylan O'Brien
Vote count:  1103
Derek Hale
Tyler Hoechlin
Vote count:  801
Kira Yukimura
Arden Cho
Vote count:  403
Malia Tate
Shelley Hennig
Vote count:  356
Allison Argent / Marie-Jeanne Valet
Crystal Reed
Vote count:  96
Coach Bobby Finstock
Orny Adams
Vote count:  59
Sheriff Stilinski
Linden Ashby
Vote count:  59
Scott McCall
Tyler Posey
Vote count:  58
Chris Argent
J. R. Bourne
Vote count:  58
Melissa McCall
Melissa Ponzio
Vote count:  58
Isaac Lahey
Daniel Sharman
Vote count:  28
Liam Dunbar
Dylan Sprayberry
Vote count:  14
Jackson Whittemore
Colton Haynes
Vote count:  7
Peter Hale
Ian Bohen
Vote count:  7
Deputy Jordan Parrish
Ryan Kelley
Vote count:  6
Erica Reyes
Gage Golightly
Vote count:  5
Cora Hale
Adelaide Kane
Vote count:  2
Gideon Emery
Vote count:  1
Meagan Tandy
Vote count:  1

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