Best LGBT Couples on TV Series All Time Poll

What is your favorite LGBT TV Series Couples of 2016? Please choose your favorite LGBT couple and vote. If the Couple you want to give your vote does not take place in our list, Add your favorite LGBT Couple to our poll by using Upload Button

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56 Best Gift Ideas for LGBT 
Nomi and Amanita
Sense8 (2015)
Vote count:  337
Connor and Oliver
How to Get Away with Murder (2014)
Vote count:  336
Kurt and Blaine
Glee (2011)
Vote count:  333
Brittany and Santana
Glee (2011)
Vote count:  122
Callie and Arizona
Grey’s Anatomy (2009)
Vote count:  79
Paige and Emily
Pretty Little Liars (2012)
Vote count:  69
Alison and Emily
Pretty Little Liars (2014)
Vote count:  57
Jack and Ianto
Torchwood (2006)
Vote count:  55
Stef and Lena
The Fosters (2013)
Vote count:  42
Drew & Rick
The Nigth Shift
Vote count:  42
Bette and Tina
The L Word (2004)
Vote count:  41
Danny and Ethan
Teen Wolf (2013)
Vote count:  25
Luisa and Rose
Jane the Virgin (2014)
Vote count:  25
Takuya and Joon-Jae
The Lover
Vote count:  25
Tara and Denise
The Walking Dead (2015)
Vote count:  19
Amy and Reagan
Faking It (2014)
Vote count:  17
Ethan and Jackson
Teen Wolf
Vote count:  15
Aaron and Robert
Aaron and Robert from Emmerdale(2014)
Vote count:  12
Phun and Noh
LoveSick the Series
Vote count:  10
Patrick and Kevin
Looking (2015)
Vote count:  9

  1. Where’s Spencer & Ashley from South of Nowhere?

  2. Seriously, no #Sanvers???? WTH??

  3. Hi, Can you please add Alex & Maggie from Supergirl and Philip & Lukas from Eyewitness? Thanks

  4. who tf voted for Emily and paige? why would you even do that!?

  5. no SHOOT, no SANVERS no NISTRID.. what a shit list !!!

  6. When does the voting end for this? It has to end at some point, doesn’t it? It can’t very well go on forever…

  7. Where the hell are Destiel and Sterek???

  8. WHATTTT ?? NO MonChevy??? #Versailles!! You people have lost your damn minds!! 😛

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