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Best K-Drama Couples of 2016 – Poll

Moon Lovers:Scarlet Heart Goryeo
told us about the love between hae soo and the fourth prince of goryeo wang so and their journey made of pain,sadness joy and love;go ha jin is a modern girl who travels back in time to the goryeo era where her adventures will lead her to fall in love with wang so the prince everyone fears for his scar and anger but no one saw his wounded heart;only hae soo manage to wake up his heart thus making him fall in love with her too
Vote count:  63680
Oh My Venus
Vote count:  56350
Descendants of the Sun
Vote count:  34249
Inspiring Generation
2014 감격시대
Vote count:  33350
Full House
(2004) 풀하우스
Vote count:  22537
Secret Garden
(2010) 시크릿 가든
Vote count:  17802
Playful Kiss
(2010) 장난스런 키스
Vote count:  12760
You’re Beautiful
(2009) 미남이시네요
Vote count:  10624
Boys Before Flowers
(2009) 꽃보다 남자
Vote count:  10481
Queen Seon Duk
Vote count:  6665
(2013) 상속자들
Vote count:  6203
Mary Stayed Out All Night
(2010) 매리는 외박중
Vote count:  5272
I Remember You
(2015) 너를 기억해
Vote count:  4615
Gu Family Book
(2013) 구가의 서
Vote count:  4495
Winter Sonata
(2002) 겨울연가
Vote count:  3313
Answer Me 1997
(2012) 응답하라 1997
Vote count:  3115
Love Rain
(2012) (Sarangbi) 사랑비
Vote count:  2991
Vote count:  2872
The Princess’s Man
(2011) 공주의 남자
Vote count:  2790
Shut Up: Flower Boy Band
(2012) 닥치고 꽃미남밴드
Vote count:  2479
  1. It’s impossible to vote now with this new presentation.
    And please, when is the end of this vote?

  2. Reply
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  3. Love in the moonlight (Moonlight Drawn by Cloud) not even in the list? what kind of voting is this?

  4. Suck all of this k drama, Love in the moonlight is not in this list ..curse!!!

  5. This vote is without end. Very boring!!!

  6. I vote for SCARLET HEART. This is they best for us. ❤❤❤

  7. Scarlet Heart is love.. 😍😙😘❤
    Our favorite and number 1. ☺

  8. Love in the moonlight is in the 3rd page

  9. congratulation and Happy happy wedding songsong/kikyo couple

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