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Scarlett O'Hara & Rhett Butler
Gone With The Wind
Vivien Leigh & Clark Gable
Vote count:  941
Frances -Baby- Houseman & Johnny Castle
Dirty Dancing
Jennifer Gray & Patrick Swayze
Vote count:  770
Ennis Del Mar & Jack Twist
Brokeback Mountain
Heath Ledger & Jake Gyllenhaal
Vote count:  559
Adele and Emma
Blue is the Warmest Color
Vote count:  328
Oliver and Jenny
Love Story
Ryan O'Neal and Ali McGraw
Vote count:  255
Arwen & Aragon
The Lord of The Rings
Vote count:  204
Edward Lewis & Vivian Ward
Pretty Woman
Richard Gere & Julia Roberts
Vote count:  148
Molly Jensen and Sam Wheat
Vote count:  148
Rick and Evelyn
Rick and Evelyn
Vote count:  130
Carrie Bradshaw & Mr Big
Sex And The City
Sarah Jessica Parker & Chris Noth
Vote count:  115
Jack Traven & Annie Porter
Keanu Reeves & Sandra Bullock
Vote count:  109
John Smith and Jane Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Vote count:  98
Sandy Olsen & Danny Zuko
Olivia Newton John & John Travolta
Vote count:  87
Romeo Montague & Juliet Capulet
Romeo + Juliet
Leonardo DiCaprio & Claire Danes
Vote count:  86
William Thacker & Anna Scott
Notting Hill
Hugh Grant & Julia Roberts
Vote count:  83
President Shepherd & Sydney Wade
The American President
Michael Douglas & Annette Benning
Vote count:  83
Sarah Connor & Kyle Reese
The Terminator (1984)
Vote count:  57
Gethin & Jonathan
Pride (2014)
Vote count:  50
Armand and Albert Goldman
The Birdcage
Vote count:  50
Han Solo & Leia Organa
Star Wars III, IV, V
Harrison Ford & Carrie Fisher
Vote count:  48