Best Actors in the World for All Time – Poll

Who is the Best actor for all time in the world. Choice your favorite movie actor and vote. If the Movie Actors you want to give your vote does not take place in our list, add by using Upload Button.

—Upload Rule : The actor must have played in at least 10 movies—

Note:  Only one vote is allowed for each Devices (Mobile Phone, Computer, Tablet) per social account per 24 hours.

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James Stewart
Vote count:  80
Marlon Brando
Vote count:  66
Jack Nicholson
Vote count:  55
Anthony Hopkins
Vote count:  55
Tom Cruise
Vote count:  55
Robert Downey Jr.
Vote count:  45
Sylvester Stallone
Vote count:  43
Steve Martin
Vote count:  24
Kevin Spacey
Vote count:  23
Nicolas Cage
Vote count:  21
Liam Neeson
Vote count:  19
Christopher Plummer
Vote count:  19
Charlie Chaplin
Vote count:  18
James Dean
Vote count:  17
Paul Newman
Vote count:  12
Richard Burton
Vote count:  12
Ed Harris
Vote count:  11
Gregory Peck
Vote count:  10
Russell Crowe
Vote count:  9
Sean Connery
Vote count:  9
  1. Where is Tom Hardy??????

  2. to the lee people stop cheating you have been reported to site 2,000 people or votes yesturday yeah right

  3. Lee jong ki on no.1… Vow great…. Deserving….

  4. LEE Jong cheats half the world dont even know this actor hes top? IAMO

  5. Search Lee Joon Gi and you will know him. Try to watch Scarlet Heart Ryeo and you will fall in love with him. I voted him because his my favorite korean actor.

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